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Weekly Photo Challenge : Relic

In religion, a relic means the personal effects or  remains of a holy person, and in many parts of Ireland, you come across holy wells, where people come to pray to a saint, or ask him/her for some special grace or healing.   264 more words


Peter Purviance (ca. 1845-17 September 1905)

Peter Purviance was born into slavery in Baltimore, Maryland. On 17 March 1864, he was sold for $250 by Francis B. Lawrenson to Joseph J. Gambrill. 74 more words


Saving Private Ryan's Tombstones

Our final stop of last year’s trip to Salem, Massachusetts was Witch City Consignment & Thrift. I never venture into antique shops because my untrained eye finds the merchandise to be someone else’s old crap that smells like the basement from which it probably came. 173 more words

War's Monument

As we contemplate entering into another war ….


Howff Graveyard, Dundee.

Just a quick post for today :)

So, conventionally it’s polite to say “Bless you” to someone when they sneeze. One of the many superstitious reasons people used to say that was, while you sneeze, spirits have a chance to enter your body. 105 more words


HAIKU -- 06142014-4 "Two-Liner"

old graveyard next to the eastbound

                                tombstones leaning with the traffic

NOTE:  A rare 2-liner.  Sometimes a 3-liner just won’t cut it!

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