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The Dead will find you.

You can’t escape from them.

After the sun goes down,

they own the streets of Oasis.

No one is safe. 11 more words

Scrabbling in the earth

“When people got old, why did they always develop a passion for scrabbling in the earth? Were they trying to get used to it?”

― Sergei Lukyanenko, Twilight Watch

Rescue Me

St Peter Church, Bridge

There is no need for me to write anything about the church, as there is an excellent description here.

We were in the church graveyard to look at the still flooded field; the graveyard is raised quite high about the field, or as Kent Archaeological Society comment: ‘just above the Nailbourne floodplain’. 50 more words


The Cemetery II 墓地

I had an opportunity to explore the cemetery further and took this shot.

Grave Robbers Beware

When I am shuffled off this mortal coil, I want to ensure that my beautiful corpse is protected from dastardly fiends and potential ghost jerks.  That’s why I plan having this 13-foot Gundam statue stand at the head of my grave.   31 more words