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Kill Tomcat with a single command

ps -ef | grep tomcat | awk '{print $2}' | xargs kill -9

This will kill all Tomcat processes running on the machine

How to Install Tomcat Server and Allow Access From WAN on Ubuntu 14.10

Installing Apache Tomcat server to Ubuntu machine is actually easy. It’s explained here nicely but I will still cover it briefly for keeping it.

Also this installation done on freshly installed Ubuntu Server 14.10 machine. 367 more words


Enabling CORS in tomcat

If you need to enable CORS in tomcat ( or alternatively just serve your response in JSON-P format) you will need version 7.0.41 or greater. 87 more words


Man in charge

Tarzan of the farm.
This tough tomcat rules the roost.
I should be so brave.


[Eclispe | Tomcat] 透過Eclipse建置JSP網頁在Tomcat上




1. JDK:基本上使用SE就可以,需要多的功能再安裝EE,這裡我是配合專案的環境使用JDK 6u33
2. Tomcat : 去Tomcat官網下載Core版本,依照作業系統選擇,這邊也是為了配合專案使用6.0.43
3.下載Eclipse IDE for J2EE版本 216 more words

Eclipse STS Trivial Configuration

Lately i was using eclipse STS to develop some information system, after a long time using netbeans, using STS is so much painful for me. 481 more words

Clearing catalina.out without restarting Tomcat

Your catalina.out log file for the tomcat server is kind of your standard default log output file on the Tomcat Server. If this server is not really maintained well (some dev server etc) the catalina.out file can become huge. 50 more words