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HowTo: Enable HTTP to HTTPS redirection in tomcat for server under elb.

I have installed Tomcat native method APR which is very lite to handle the serverlet request, For secure the logins, it is better to configure force redirection. 206 more words


Full Web Application with Tomcat JSF Primefaces JPA Hibernate

Full Web Application with Tomcat JSF Primefaces JPA Hibernate

We are happy for the 100k visitors. To celebrate this mark in this blog we created this post that will show how to create a full web application using the following tools: Tomcat7, JSF2 (Facelets and Libraries) with Primefaces (with AutoComplete), JPA / Hibernate (with a relationship NxN), Login with Filter. 42 more words

Web Applications

Which app server is best for consolidating unpredictable Java workloads?

In the last couple of months I have done quite a bit of business travel – spent few weeks in Russia and Japan (travel photos… 886 more words


Gretty 1.1.5 is out!

Hello people,

Gretty version 1.1.5 is out and immediately available at github, bintray, maven central and gradle plugin portal!

Gretty is a feature-rich gradle plugin for running webapps on Jetty and Tomcat. 121 more words

Apache HTTP server with Tomcat on SSL

Apache HTTP server with Tomcat on SSL

I recently needed to simulate our production deployment environment in my local machine. Our production applications are running on Apache HTTP server. 93 more words


Bug in Tomcat 8.0.12

There are several errors in the documentation of the JDBC-based store.

https://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=57147 (vote for it!)


Coffee Advisor web application

A simple app which uses the Model View Control (MVC).

  • HTML form page
  • Servlet Controller
  • Model
  • JSP View
  • XML deployment descriptor

MVC Tutorial

Here it is… 47 more words