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Database Connection Pooling In Tomcat Using Eclipse

Database Connection Pooling is a great technique used by lot of application servers to optimize the performance. Database Connection creation is a costly task thus it impacts the performance of application. 727 more words


Too Close For Missiles, I'm Switching To Guns

Simultaneously the most homo-erotic* and brilliant film of all time, 1986′s Top Gun is the best airplane movie ever made. Starring Tom Cruise (before he got all annoying) and Anthony Edwards as Top Gun students Maverick and Goose, plus Val Kilmer, Kelly McGillis and Meg Ryan, it was such a box office smash that the coked-up producers even remade it a few years later with the exact same plot and set it in NASCAR**. 92 more words


tomcat yavaşlama sorunu

startup esnasında  tomcat çok yavaş çalışıyorsa web.xml içerisinde küçük birkaç ekleme yaparak bu sorunu aşabiliriz.


Restricting access to Tomcat App to limited IP addresses

NOTE: This is not for those who are looking for integrating authentication process for Tomcat App. (I will write another post about tomcat integration with Shibboleth.) If you are looking for disclosing the access to your tomcat application to only a limited number of IP address, here is How. 144 more words


Manage logging with Logback and Apache Tomcat

This article will help the people who wants to abstract the logging part of their web application in the servlet container Apache Tomcat. We will put all the required libraries in the libraries of Tomcat and tweak a few configurations files in order to deliver a WAR file without logging libraries (you may still need… 286 more words


Integration Testing with Maven and Tomcat

Not too long ago I was given the task of adding integration tests to a project’s build. Overall the task was not very difficult, but I failed to find a significant amount of documentation online about adding integration tests to a Java Maven project. 572 more words

Integration Testing

Not a joke - IBM named market share leader by Gartner in 8 out of 11 categories

I thought I wont post any articles on April’s Fools Day, but this one is too good to pass up, and sorry, this is not a joke… 436 more words