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Love Note #29: Halloween Howl

In the same way that Rome does cats & Christmas well, New York does dogs & Halloween. We love & obsess over them both. So combining the two is only natural.  358 more words

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The Bendy Tree Memorial, Part 2

September 29

I said earlier “If it had just been a farewell to the tree, I’d have thought it was silly enough to do at night, but not worth commenting on.” 142 more words

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The Bendy Tree Memorial, Part 1

I am separating the bendy tree memorial story into two parts.

Part 1 is performance artist Bill Talen.


Part 2 should be up tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Around The Neighborhood

The Bendy Tree

On September 14, a group of people led by performance artist Bill Talen (“Reverend Billy”) met in Tompkins Square Park to “pray and sing” at the site of the bent elm, the bendy tree. 848 more words

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Theme I, Wayfinding: Under the Influence

The writer of this piece has asked to remain anonymous, due to questionably legal content that will shortly become clear:

I should’ve skipped smoking that bowl two hours earlier, I realized as soon I finished smoking it. 635 more words


El Diablo Des Cadaques

Jonathan Crayford, 2013.

“El Diablo Des Cadaques” is an independently produced original opera by creator Jonathan Crayford that was filmed all around the globe. I was script supervisor for the NYC portion of the shoot.

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Labor’s Victory: Paid Vacation and the Man who Made it Possible

“What a stormful sunset was that of last night! How glorious the storm, and how splendid the setting of the sun! We do not remember ever having seen the like on our round globe. 1,095 more words

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