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Tongues - Part 2

At the end of part 1 of this teaching, I said we would start part 2 with the following questions. How do I get this gift of speaking in tongues? 2,385 more words

Tongues - Part 1

What about this thing called speaking in tongues. I’m not sure it’s for today. Scripture says it was done away with. I believe in the infilling of the Holy Spirit, but tongues are not for today. 3,050 more words

Tongues Please

I am not an experienced lover. I have never been someone’s boyfriend. However, my recent sexual escapades have enlightened me on different guys kissing styles. 328 more words



The palms of my hands are sweating profusely and somehow a kaleidoscope of butterflies are fluttering amongst themselves in my stomach. My heart is beating so fast that I might just need a doctor and I think I am about to throw up. 308 more words

Seeking Signs vs. Working Wonders

Among some Biblical contrarians there seems to be some confusion between seeking signs and wonders and working signs and wonders.

Like all challenges to Scripture, this alleged contradiction vanishes in the face of a mere minute’s review. 772 more words

For The Benefit Of Mankind

Charismatic Theology

Pastor Felix did a 3 Part series during our first Sundays at Cal Heights Baptist. This is great for anyone who is confused about Charismatic theology or who desires to minister to those in charismatic circles. 94 more words


Cessationism, or the pseudo-doctrine that the Gifts of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12) ceased with the Disciples, the Apostles, or the 1st Century, or the canonization of the Bible at the First Council of Nicea in 325 AD, or the invention of the bicycle—whatever version of it you believe—is merely a cleverly disguised version of anti-supernaturalism. 904 more words