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Pentecostalism: Defined in the Context of Creation's Dependence on Divine Fullness

Pentecostalism is a diverse group of restoration-

revivalistic movements held together by a

common doctrinal commitment to the

Full Gospel and experiential

worship services.

- K. 2,723 more words


A War of Words: the Language of Revolution

A war of words is being waged on extremism following the terrorist attack on Paris magazine, Charlie Hebdo earlier this month. ‘L’Amour plus fort que la haine’, ‘solidarité’ … 49 more words

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Embracing the Holy Spirit

I Corinthians 14

Growing up, there was a classic cartoon called, Casper the Friendly Ghost. Casper was a nice ghost that went around doing good and getting into trouble for it. 536 more words

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Can You 'Ear' Me Now?

The Jaycee Center offered up two more potential Prince Charmings for Deedee’s and my approval. Luckily for them our approval wasn’t all that hard to win. 416 more words