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20 July 2014.

Aha, I’ve finally finished Toni Morrison’s Beloved in between the things that summer throws at you (including a wave of indolence). I do admit it was required reading for the summer, but I’ve been looking forward to it for a couple years now. 346 more words



I’m someone who thinks Toni Morrison can do no wrong. Since reading Beloved in high school, I have devoured everything she has written. From The Bluest Eye  297 more words


Summer "Issues": Dissertation!

Apologies for the massive delay in MA updates. Last time I checked in, we’d finished courses and were writing essays and an exam. That all went pretty smoothly for me (though  nothing’s been marked yet so who really knows?) — the take-home exam was actually kind of enjoyable, as I’d prepared my texts in advance and just had to write close readings without worrying about bringing in secondary sources (some people did use criticism but it was optional so I chose not to for such short essays). 371 more words


"But I'm not a racist": On whiteness studies and striving to avoid essentializing race

While on vacation last week, a girl was talking about her decision to study abroad in Australia, rather than in Africa. She mentioned how, at her college, there were many protests against studying abroad in Africa and she noted that she doesn’t need to go to Africa because she doesn’t believe she’s better than Africans, and doesn’t need to go there to understand that. 580 more words

9+1=Day 10

To read the background on this 30 day project, click here.

I am 1/3 of the way through my 30 day project to develop a greater sense of beauty and gratitude in my life. 199 more words

Beloved: A Book Review

Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved covers many different themes; she writes about revenge, racism, death/loss, self worth, relationships, and the importance of community. Her story tackles disturbing situations such as sexual assault, infanticide, slavery, and the mistreatment of human beings that borders on being torturous. 586 more words