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Japanese Potato Salad with Tonkatsu Sauce

Every culture loves a good potato salad and the Japanese sure love this classic. Now from the outside this may be your normal dish that you are used to, but this recipe has small twists that make it a motherly Japanese dish. 391 more words


Japanese Chicken Cutlet and Panko Fried Shrimp

Hey everyone, for this recipe I tried my best to mimic one of the most popular Japanese dishes! First off, Panko is used instead of bread crumbs to create a (in my opinion) a better texture than regular bread crumbs. 393 more words



‘Ton’ means pork and ‘katsu’ means cutlet. Pork is the traditional meat for this but you can make chicken, salmon or prawns in the same way. 255 more words


Japanese pancake or Okonomiyaki and detox

On Monday I started a week long detox, eating just fruits and vegetables. The first few days was hard, I saw meat and bread everywhere I looked. 383 more words