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Prelude To A Tonsillectomy: If You Can't Believe Your Eyes, Trust Your ENT.

It all started with a broken wine glass. A month later, and I’ll soon be under the knife, getting my tonsils seared off.

How are these things related? 1,061 more words


Day 11: Back to Work, Sort Of

Today was supposed to be the first day back in the office, but I was still having withdrawal symptoms: mostly just profuse sweating and a lingering headache. 172 more words


Day 9-10: Withdrawals!

So, now I understand why my doctor wanted me to start weaning off the pain meds ASAP. I had started taking doses farther apart, and was feeling better. 284 more words


Day 8: Turning a Corner!

Woohoo! I’m finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Last night was rough again, but I’m down to the lower dose of pain meds and I’m pretty sure I slept through at least one alarm, and things weren’t too unbearable. 277 more words


Day 7

UGH! I am so ready for this recovery to be over. The process of waking up every 2 hours to take pain medications is getting so tedious and aggravating, and the pain at night is so awful. 625 more words


Days 5 and 6

Days 5 and 6 were pretty similar, and were by far the worst days. My scabs started coming off; I knew because I started seeing pink tissue instead of the white stuff that’s been hanging out so far. 439 more words


Day 4: New Normal?

Things feel like they’re mostly at a standstill; nothing’s really much worse or better. My throat is chilling out a little bit, but when I woke up I still had a throbbing, debilitating headache. 129 more words