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1000 Julys

So that’s actually the name of a song I love by Third Eye Blind. Remember them? yeah, good times. So a lot has happened since my last post, which seems like eons ago! 547 more words


Smiling again - 12 days

Today is the first day that I am genuinely smiling again, I am not totally out of the woods as bleeding can happen up to two weeks post op, but I feel so much better. 219 more words


The light is back, after 2 days back in hospital 24/07/14

The light totally disappeared for awhile, on Tuesday I woke up and coughed blood so went to A&E where a nurse practitioner saw me and sent me home. 357 more words


Where did that light at the end of the tunnel go?!

Ok, so today has been pretty miserable. I started my day at 5.30am bleeding again so went to a&e but thankfully this time it was very quick was seen straight away as it was empty and the nurse practitioner had a look and believes it to be just a scab that has come off and that it was a small amount so sent me home. 215 more words


Days 6 & 7 - healing

I finally today feel like I am starting to heal. It is still pretty painful but again it is more my tongue muscle and the right side of my throat where they had to do a deeper dissection that hurt the most, but the painkillers numb this right down.  129 more words


Day 4 & 5 - back to the hospital

So, yesterday I thought all was going so well. Then in the afternoon my throat started to bleed so I ended up back in hospital. It is vital that if you have post op bleeding that you go straight to A&E. 143 more words


The second night and third day

Pretty much slept through last night, I had alarms set again for every 2 hours but I cancelled most of these in my sleep! I woke properly at 7am to take my tablets. 159 more words