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Tonsillectomy Day 6

Hi everyone.

I’m hating the world. Tomorrow is Wednesday which means day 7 of surgery? I think. Whatever.

This is the hardest recovery ever. I had my gall bladder out in January and I honestly wish I was going through that again. 310 more words

10 ways to survive your adult tonsillectomy

So I know all my family, friends and followers are probably bored to tears hearing about me getting my tonsils taken out but I can’t help it (#sorrynotsorry) — it’s all I’ve had to deal with for the past 10 days. 1,295 more words

Adult Tonsillectomy


Getting your tonsils removed is no joke. I had surgery on Wednesday and today is Friday. The day I got home I had chicken noodle soup and oatmeal. 128 more words

Post-Op Update

First, my apologies for being a terrible blogger! I haven’t really found the time lately, but I do try to post quick Facebook updates often, so please check there if you don’t see me around here so often. 385 more words


Unvaccinated children less prone to disease: study

A little-known study out of New Zealand that was published back in 1992 makes a strong case for the fact that unvaccinated children are generally healthier and less prone to disease than vaccinated children. 273 more words


Hoping to Help

Monday, March 17
The brown waters of the Columbia roll like ocean swells, whitecaps chasing the wind. It’s a temporary brown from the recent rain. The Columbia normally matches the ocean in color but not in waves. 135 more words

So, anyway, this happened today ...

‘Mrs Becca Joyce?’ (For want of a real name).

‘Yes. Here.’ I was amazed that I was being called from the hospital Outpatients waiting room so quickly, before my appointment time in fact. 654 more words

Trying To Be Sane