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Scabs: The First Slumber

I finished off the last of my steroids last night, got into bed with two vicodin around 10 pm and was feeling good. Somewhere along the line, after saying goodnight to my girlfriend, I got into a deep conversation about my insecurities with my boy Banana until about 2 am. 449 more words


So clearly this is my first entry. I decided to create a blog because being out of work for 2 weeks, what else is there to do? 339 more words


You Wimp

Fuck is this, day four? So I took my meds as planned last night and was able to rest for a few short hours. Woke up to all the god damn lights of my computer and phone, though. 610 more words

The Bliss of Pills

I can’t describe how using vicodin makes me feel other than I stop caring about stuff so I can truly relax. Even though my throat still feels like a tractor trailer is crashing into it over and over again every femtosecond, the vicodin allows me to just relax and look past that. 543 more words

Pain. Let Me Tell You How Much I've Come To Pain.

What is true pain, Ladies and Gentlemen? I have experienced the pain of losing a loved one, the pain of extreme guilt, the physical pain of self abuse and the pain of severe diseases only experimental drug trials could cure. 474 more words

Tonsillectomy: Day 5 - 7

*insert random cuss words here*
The past few days have been absolutely AWFUL. So awful that on several different occasions I was considering how much it would cost to hire a hit man to come and finish me off. 513 more words


Tonsillectomy: Day 2 - 4

Everyone that I talked to before getting my tonsils out told me that it was the worst surgery they had ever had.. & now I’m starting to believe them. 473 more words