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A Little Nitty Gritty: Tonsillectomy Recovery

Recovering from having body parts removes SUCKS.

It isn’t all popsicles and roses here, people.

Although there are a LOT of popsicles.

You’d think getting to eat sherbet, popsicles and smoothies for a week or two would be kind of cool, and you’d be right. 710 more words

Then he bled....

Every few months I settle into my bed a little before exhausted-brain time and write a short “letter” to the boys in a journal for them. 789 more words


In few hours - Tonsillectomy

So here we go!

This date has been on my mind for sometime now and finally it has arrived. I have my tonsillectomy early tomorrow morning as day surgery, so I should be able to write early thoughts tomorrow. 89 more words


Vomit Trauma: A Phobia Grows

After that, I can pretty clearly remember every instance in my little life involving vomit- mine or someone else’s.

Vomiting up red Gatorade while watching… 458 more words


An Open Letter to my 8-year-old on his 6th day after tonsil surgery

Dear Super Tall Guy,

I’m actually not surprised by your anger this morning. I’m not surprised that you kicked out at me with your 80 pound body (now 7 pounds lighter than it was a week ago). 638 more words


A Breath of Heaven... 28 Days of Cayden, Day 7

Breathing. We all take it for granted. It’s such a simple thing, no one thinks about it. We just do it. At least we should. 1,220 more words

28 Days Of Cayden

Same Day Surgery

Scanning the surgical waiting room, I know that every parent here has just done the same heart-wrenching thing I did….turned and walked away from one of the most precious things in their life….their child strapped to a narrow Operating Room bed. 619 more words