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"Don't Mess With Us:" Putin Threatens Nuclear War

AS WESTERN CONSENSUS concludes that Russia has now invaded Ukraine — with 1,000 of its troops crossing the border into the neighbouring, disputed region of that country — its President has for the first time made an explicit threat of nuclear retaliation against Western governments who intervene and engage Russia militarily in response. 1,020 more words

A rant, verifiable and logical, but still a rant.

Tony Abbott, Scott Morrison, Christopher Pyne are power junkies, and like most junkies, they are no fun to have around. The end justifies the means for them, no matter how many other people get covered in shit. 229 more words

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Abott the Pivot Has Turned His Back and has become the Maitre'D of Pacific Nations


The pivot of the Middle East, No!!!!! Asia Pacific Asia Pacifc You Fool.

Australia’s voice in the Pacific has gone after 40 years. It fostered a sense of regional community. 288 more words

"Team Australia"

When Prime Minister Tony Abbott dumped the changes to Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, the reason he gave was that he wanted us all to be a part of “Team Australia” in fighting terrorism, including ethnic communities who were against changes to 18C. 205 more words


#AbbottFence, Emmys and Eskimoes

The best of Breakfast  – 25 to 28 August

A musical highlight was a chat and live performance from Kav Temperley, frontman of Eskimo Joe. 117 more words

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Will the real Aussie terrorists please stand up?

Will the real Aussie terrorists please stand up?

With all the rhetoric going around about terrorism, and the the extremist “War” language spewing gleefully from the mouth of the political thug and brawler, we laughingly call a PM, I thought it might be worth looking at the issue of home grown terrorists!   1,291 more words

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