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Sarah Hanson-Young And The Hammer And Sickle

A PHOTOGRAPH of Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young — apparently wearing a brooch in the form of a hammer and sickle — has circulated widely this week on microblogging website Twitter; if the authenticity of the image is disputed by the Senator, … 1,293 more words

Strong Friendship

Since the Korean War, South Korea has developed exceedingly fast giving rise to the expression ‘the miracle of the Han River’.

Trade with Australia has helped Korea acquire the natural resources and energy needed to create world-beating industry, technology and innovation. 53 more words

Friendship Tree

Operation Bring Them Home: The Unfolding Shambles

Operation “Bring them Home” is all going swimmingly well with one hundred and ninety or so Australian Federal Police now somewhere near the crash zone of flight MH17. 265 more words

Australian Politics

Tony Abbott is "more than happy" with the SCV Visa for New Zealanders

Oh dear, Oh dear.

Tony Abbott, the Australian Prime Minister, has said he is “more than happy” with current arrangements for New Zealanders living in Australia. 110 more words

Graphical Manipulations #93: Small Steps, Freedom, Books, Ratticisms, Jobs And Monkey Business!

It’s been a bleak and tragic week passed made much worse by blatant brutality, machinations, cover-up and political opportunism. We can only think gently of those who lost loved ones and hope that the lost will requiescat in pace. 325 more words

Slippery Pete: Too Clever By Half, In The End

A SUPPURATING SORE on the integrity of politics in Australia was disinfected today, with the conviction of Coalition traitor and former Speaker Peter Slipper on charges of dishonestly abusing travel entitlements; the development is a welcome one, and it is to be hoped that it now closes the door on the public life of a slippery customer who managed to stay one step ahead of trouble for so long, but ultimately not for long enough. 733 more words