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THE BIG ISSUES IN BRISBANE: G20 & The Heatwave of Spring 2014

It’s been a little while since ive written anything for my blog but the in-evitable change of seasons has inspired me to get back into the swing of things. 1,124 more words


Bill Shorten & Craig Thomson's dodgy defence & Tony Abbott's favourite person Freya Newman

There have been substantial developments the last few days in a number of legal proceedings and I will cover 4 of them. Craig Thomson has admitted lying about using the HSU’s money to pay escorts, Bill Shorten has submitted a Claytons defence to the Royal Commission, Cbus employee Maria Butera has lobbed a hand grenade at Cbus and the union movement and Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s favourite person Freya Newman has walked free from court. 1,133 more words

Bill Shorten

Tony Abbott faces Leadership Spill!

  • LNP faithful say Abbott’s leadership beyond salvation
  • Party in complete disarray over broken promises
  • Abbott brand considered “toxic” by Victorian State Premier

Tony Abbott’s leadership of the LNP Government is under renewed threat with Senior Liberals now openly canvassing whether his position as leader is no longer tenable. 358 more words

Australian Politics

When the PM normalises lying


 “It is an absolute principle of democracy that governments should not and must not say one thing before an election and do the opposite afterwards. Nothing could be more calculated to bring our democracy into disrepute and alienate the citizenry of Australia from their government than if governments were to establish by precedent that they could say one thing before an election and do the opposite afterwards.”   489 more words


John Howard Hurts Families

In the mid 90s my six year old daughter rushed into the kitchen crying.Through sobs she said the man on TV had just said “John Howard hurts families” 119 more words