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Abbott Reshuffle A Spectacular, Paranoid Botch

PRIME MINISTER TONY ABBOTT — or, perhaps, the narcissistic coterie that apparently runs his office — has spectacularly botched his government’s biggest opportunity for a political circuit breaker in the current term of Parliament, with the reshuffle announced today failing to adequately renew his ministry, and with some much-needed changes simply ignored. 2,152 more words

Tony Abbott. Vindictive?

Aussie politics has always had a bit of rough and tumble about it but I can’t help noticing a kind of meanness seems to have arisen and it very much matches the current behaviour displayed by the US Republicans. 1,139 more words


Reshuffling #TeamAustralia

**No way is this an admission of crisis.**

Scott Morrison will begin offshore Centrelink processing in the new year. Dole bludgers will be lined up according to age; young ones to the back of the queue!  65 more words

Realish Stuff

Free Vote: Abbott's Euthanasia Position Welcome

THE APPARENT COMMITMENT by Prime Minister Tony Abbott to allow Coalition MPs a conscience vote on a euthanasia bill soon to be tabled by a Greens Senator is welcome, and perhaps overdue; the right of terminally ill people to a so-called death with dignity — enabling them to escape untold pain, sickening treatments, and the ultimately pointless regimen of palliative medicaments — is one a civilised country like Australia must enshrine. 1,055 more words

Tony Abbott and the Sydney Siege

With the world still reeling from the Sydney siege, and the actions of Man Haron Monis, it seems that the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has appointed himself the man to sweep in to try and protect the people of Australians from further danger. 279 more words