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Clearing Julia: Answers Over AWU Is All That Was Needed

WHILST DUBIOUS of her conduct as a lawyer, the decision by the Heydon Royal Commission to clear former Prime Minister Julia Gillard of criminal wrongdoing fails to surprise; the same can be said of its recommendation ex-boyfriend Bruce Wilson and his crony Ralph Blewitt be charged over the so-called AWU affair. 1,404 more words

All Power and Glory to the Kingdom of Fear

September 11, 2001: the world will never be the same again.

Those were the words ringing in many ears after the terror attacks that saw devastation the likes of which few had seen before. 1,709 more words

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Former Liberal Minister calls Abbott Govt a "Lying Pack of Toads!"

From the files of “with friends like these” the Gutter Trash proudly presents this in-depth investigation into the unfolding travesty of Badgery’s Creek – THE MUSICAL! 433 more words

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Nova Peris and our witch-hunt mentality

Nova Peris and our witch-hunt mentality. For The Hoopla.


Abbott a risk to national security. And that might be a good thing!

If you’ve been paying any attention to Question Time recently you’ll have noticed that Prime Minister Abbott is increasingly invoking his notion of “Team Australia” in the hope of creating bi-partisan support for policies that have nothing to do with counter-terrorism (or at least in the hope of shaming the opposition for not offering bi-partisan support for such policies), such as his “patriotic” new petrol tax, his latest idea to fix Labor’s so-called debt and deficit disaster. 359 more words


66% of print media controlled by News Corp advocate for the Abbott Gov . Chris Pyne needs to ratchet down Aus education so democracy will be a history subject.

Latest Polls Show America Not Yet Ready For Democracy

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THE CABIN ANTHRAX, MURPHY, N.C. (CT&P) – After analyzing the results of a new Pew Research Center poll conducted just last week, experts have concluded that the United States is not yet ready for a democratic form of government. 452 more words

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Clash of Cultures

A perspective of the attacks on Muslims and the cultural tensions which have arisen in Australia

The unfolding events of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria who are to blame for thousands of fatalities over the past six months is being seen as the greatest threat of civilisation since, Pol Pot in Cambodia who’s Khmer Rouge killed over 3 million Khmer’s, and Hitler who killed millions of innocent Jew’s including woman and children. 873 more words