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The Secret Sauce To Success 

The Secret Sauce in Success? Service. by Jenna Stone

When you are building your first business, it is tempting to concentrate on making new sales or pursuing bigger accounts. 1,276 more words

Jenna Stone

Zappos is bringing Uber-like surge pay to the workplace

In September, Zappos chief executive officer Tony Hsieh was wandering the halls of the online retailer’s Las Vegas headquarters and noticed that the customer service center’s walls were covered—floor to ceiling—with sheets of printer paper. 1,290 more words


Why Zappos?

Customer service.  Customer Service.  CUSTOMER SERVICE!

This is my answer.

What is one of the best things to do when you are stuck in the house on a snow day?   331 more words


The 'demigod' of Detroit: Spotty results when billionaire investors try to save crumbling cities

Dan Gilbert made his $4.2 billion fortune in one of America’s most reviled industries: Mortgage lending. In 2008, as bankruptcies and foreclosures surged across the United States, Mr. 1,367 more words


Six Ways To Kill Email

Every week more and more organisations are waking up to the tyranny of email, and the part it is playing in the impending death of the office… 798 more words

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Revitalizing Vegas

I was stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the 101 when I happened to catch an enjoyable little news blurb about a rich man’s mission to resurrect a poor neighborhood. 159 more words

What the Llama? - Wednesday Wanderings

Kristina here! I think I’ve cracked the case of the DTLV llama obsession. I mean here, I’ll show you the obsession I’m talking about:

Every time I’ve seen these signs… I’ve thought “What the Llama?” Why are these random llama signs posted in all my wanderings downtown… why can Llamas stay for free at this motel… and why is there a parking lot called the ‘Llama Lot’? 142 more words

Project Love Vegas