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Books, man and boy part 9

So, this is my final man and boy (by tony parsons) reflection- at least until my partner decides she wants to talk about it. This ones less about the book and more about the ending it went for… 265 more words


Books, man and boy part 8

So, I wrote my part 8 of man and boy by tony parsons and then wordpress somehow deleted all the text after I scheduled it. 76 more words

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Books, man and boy part 7

So, this ones more about me than the book. In tony parsons man and boy The character had to go and see a dead body and it reminded me of my nan dying. 728 more words

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Books, man and boy part 6

So, my latest entry in my man and boy thoughts, this is probably the biggest one, because it provoked disbelief and outrage in me whilst I read it on the toilet… 633 more words

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The Murder Bag - Tony Parsons

  This book was provided to me courtesy of Random House India in exchange of an honest review

The tagline of the book, ‘Do some people deserve to die?’, is one of those moral questions that never seems to have a clear answer. 672 more words

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Books, man and boy part 5

So, this one takes the previous one to a new level, not only has the mother taken the boy, but she wants to take him to japan with her. 199 more words

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Books, man and boy part 4

So, I move forward a few chapters, not many but a few

Wife taking son

After the wife finds out (because he was a moron) she moves out, a perfectly acceptable thing to do, though it could be argued that he should be the one to leave. 311 more words

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