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Probably Nothing

I don’t usually seek out “my cancer battle” books as to me they look over the top and always seem to have a picture of the author completing a fun run. 565 more words

Alpha Mother

Books, man and wife part 3

So, another reading of man and wife by tony parsons. I’d not read it for a while but got going again tonight and it annoyed me. 206 more words


Starting Over by Tony Parsons

A quick and easy read only 291 pages long it has a very simple plot. A middle aged man gets the chance to start over. But when he does start over does he do it right? 64 more words


Books, man and wife part 2

So, I’m speeding up my posts on this book because post 137 is approaching and my partners going to need something to read.
The first aspect of the book that grabbed me was the custody battle results. 510 more words

My Life

Books, man and wife part 1

So, I wasn’t keen on reading the sequel to tony parsons man and boy just yet, but in requesting my partner to read it (to gain her thoughts) I convinced myself to give it a go. 233 more words

My Life

Books, man and boy part 9

So, this is my final man and boy (by tony parsons) reflection- at least until my partner decides she wants to talk about it. This ones less about the book and more about the ending it went for… 265 more words


Books, man and boy part 8

So, I wrote my part 8 of man and boy by tony parsons and then wordpress somehow deleted all the text after I scheduled it. 76 more words

My Life