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The Walk

There was no “fear” so to speak, just an almost involuntary motion that kept you moving with the others in the group. The group we were in was about one hundred in count, but overall, I had to estimate there were at least six thousand people. 896 more words

In the beginning...

Perhaps the way one comes into the world is a precursor to the way their life will go. I don’t know if I believe that or not anymore, but it sure seemed that way growing up. 1,710 more words

When Did Your Attitude of Gratitude Begin?

Sure, like you, I’ve heard all the positive spin masters talk about gratitude throughout the years.

During the holiday season, it’s difficult for me not… 755 more words


Things I gotta master, key points, and priming for the rest of the book:


What makes someone a “good” quarterback? Yeah you have to be able to chuck a ball with accuracy and communicate well with the offense…but a true indispensable skill of a quarterback is the ability to anticipate. 531 more words

YANSS 037 - Drive, Motivation, and Crowd Control with Daniel Pink

The Topic: Motivation

The Guest: Daniel Pink

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This episode is brought to you by Lynda, an easy and affordable way to help individuals and organizations learn. 1,611 more words


Into The Fire....

The beat from the drums reverberated through my chest as a sea of people pushed my son James and I forward, towards the hot burning pits of fire ahead. 761 more words


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Hello friends! I’m sitting here in Florence, Italy and am heading to Barcelona tomorrow. In Europe, I have come up with many ideas that were inspired by the road. 424 more words