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The Doomsday Code

I noticed a common thread on twitter tonight was from adults who were brought up in evangelical families.  That’s because one of the “signs of the end” is that the world would turn against Israel.   351 more words



I was going to be nice and give the No campaign a sort of right of reply by showing their new video. On paper it’s worth every penny of the money that the bitters gave to whoever came up with the idea, possibly Acanchi the PR company that created the astroturf of Vote Nob Orders. 391 more words


REVIVE2014 Highlight reel...

Just found this fast paced recap of the excitement and people at Revive2014…

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REVIVE2014, Day 2.

Another great day!!

Shabbat with 600 of my newest close friends!!

How cool to walk the hall between sessions and run into friends that I didn’t know were coming (the Lindseys and the Mercks) or to see a name flash by and my mental Rolodex spins and I turn and holler, “Ray Gardener!”  He turns and looks with a huge question mark over his head and I say as I stick out my hand, “Pete Rambo.  989 more words

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Blackadder stars Stephen Fry and Tony Robinson pay tribute to Patsy Byrne: 'We were her boys'

Stephen Fry and Tony Robinson have remembered their Blackadder co-star Patsy Byrne.

Patsy was best known for playing dim-witted Nursie in the British comedy series. 360 more words