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The Dreamscapes of The Durutti Column

Somewhere between pop music and classical music lies the work of The Durutti Column.  As good a place to start, as any, is the album… 433 more words

The Ventriloquism at Park View Trust Post-Trojan Hoax

Park View Trust which was at the centre of the neocon incursion into Birmingham had its governing body dismantled, despite exposing many of the lies which were being pedalled by the media. 809 more words

Current Affairs

Endorsed as the Young James Brown

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It is said that a man by the name of Tony Wilson was endorsed by James Brown.

24 Hour Party People

All’esordio pubblico dei Sex Pistols c’erano 42 persone. Non importa. In quanti hanno assistito all’ultima cena? Così ti risponde Tony Wilson sull’argomento, definendo Anarchy in The UK… 480 more words


#hap2014 - 222 - Tony Wilson

“When you have to choose between truth and legend, … I say choose the legend.”

(Tony Wilson)

You’ve got it slightly wrong though, Tone. You were a legend for the passion you brought. Thanks.


No Grey Area - MIA for far too long!!

Get ready peeps, There is a band of brothers who will be releasing their first CD after 37 years. The story of No Grey Area is a compelling one. 833 more words