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SMASH "Bombshell" Coming to Broadway!!!!

Just when we thought Smash had slipped from our memory, it’s back. And not just back it’s back on Broadway!!! Bombshell, the fictional musical telling the life of Marilyn Monroe, is coming to life again. 243 more words

VBA convert custom date string to Date and Time

I have this date TimeAndDateTZ = "2014-12-15T21:48:40Z"
I’m trying to get two different variables from it:

Desired Output:

Date = "2014-12-15"  
Time24 = "21:48:40"  
Time12 = "09:48:40"
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Decisión Cuba-EE.UU. acapara titulares y apoyo

El titular de la revista Newsweek: Obama hizo lo correcto. Foto: Juventud Rebelde

WASHINGTON, diciembre 18.— El anuncio el miércoles del acuerdo de restablecer relaciones diplomáticas… 1,164 more words


Gracias Papa Francisco y tenga usted también, un feliz cumpleaños

La gran noticia nos sorprendió a todos. Los tres héroes antiterroristas ya están en Cuba. Ha sido un proceso de conversaciones largo que ha incluido no sólo la libertad de nuestros hermanos Tony, Rene y Gerardo sino el comienzo del fin de una política obstinada y absurda que ha costado mucho sufrimiento al pueblo cubano. 357 more words


preventing scene from saving it's state Corona Composer API

Hi i have problem in composer API
i have two scene the first one is welcome scene and the second one is how to play scene… 178 more words

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Issue 3 - Just A Broken Toilet?

Leroy was repairing his toilet when the whole thing exploded, shooting water throughout the entire bathroom. Leroy took a closer look where the toilet once stood to find the cause for such an explosion. 354 more words


*rules of life

Rules are apart of life. With rules there is order.

I’m a big fan of CBS’s NCIS show. I started watching the show through reruns on USA Network. 811 more words