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New business's old problems revisited

When it comes to pitching, smaller agencies play on an uneven field. They shouldn’t do.

While ‘too big to fail’ might apply to some business sectors, ‘too small to succeed’ seems to be the defining perception of the non-networked, usually independent, smaller agency. 1,043 more words

New Business

Disturbing trends with financial crises

From the Economist:

Five devastating slumps—starting with America’s first crash, in 1792, and ending with the world’s biggest, in 1929—highlight two big trends in financial evolution.

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The Fed, Banks & Interest Rates

Regulators: Big banks must raise $68 billion to be considered safe

The Federal Reserve specifically cited “too big to fail” as a reason for the stricter rules.

FORTUNE — Banks will have to come up with more money to prove to regulators they’re safe. 356 more words

Term Sheet

~~ what do we need banks for?

The banking function only serves society when kept to its real business–analyzing risks and companies from a neutral investor’s-interest standpoint, backing future winners and keeping future losers from getting big money to fritter away. 164 more words


Company Growth Does Not Need to Reflect Complexity

April 3, 2014

LANDsds Sustainable Voice NewsThink Series

By Dr. Tyra OldhamSustainable Thought for the Day

“As companies grow the goal to success is to prevent the engagement of creating systems that are reflective of government.” 128 more words

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