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Feed your soul

I was cleaning this weekend – fun times I assure you and as I was dusting the bookshelves I realised just how many books I had yet to read! 378 more words


The Super (Wo)man Syndrome

I know that one way God speaks to me is through other people. Since I’ve heard the same message three times within the past week, I think someone in heaven is definitely trying to get my attention! 510 more words

Learning to be with yourself

Do you know how to be with yourself and be comfortable?
By that I do not mean watching TV, movies, or reading books, taking endless courses—-keeping endlessly busy. 236 more words


Do you ever feel too busy?

Do you ever feel too busy?

You know, those times when you have too much on and life feels overly full. This is a part of life that is inevitable, sometimes we have a lot on and it is just unavoidable. 92 more words



What is mindfulness?  What if it’s about maintaining awareness of the present moment, with purpose and without judgment? That sounds so incredibly freeing doesn’t it?? I have of late been applying this more to my life and it feels amazing. 546 more words


When is busy too busy?

A show of hands please–who out there is busy?

Ah-ha. I see a lot of hands. And I hear a lot of friends, family members, and co-workers who share tales of their busy-ness with me. 498 more words


Are we Too Busy?

As I sit down to write today’s entry, I know I am behind schedule.  I have a list of things to do today and am totally swamped in graduate work.   226 more words