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Too Busy

Objectively, since the start of grad school I’m much busier than when I was working full-time. However, my perception of how busy I am has increased exponentially. 124 more words

Getting Through The Day

Do you need new tyres?

This is a story of two halves.

It starts a few months ago when I got two new tyres fitted on my car. I had known for a while that they needed looking at, but I had put it off because I was “too busy” to take the car into the garage. 1,719 more words

When to Not Volunteer

I know that volunteers make a lot of the world go ’round, and so often they do great work.  But, personally, I think it’s important for people to stop, comprehend their level of volunteering, and decide rationally if it’s something that they can really give 100% to on top of everything else they’re doing.  2,066 more words

Who is "THAT" Woman in the Mirror?

Ever have that moment where the world just stops spinning and you just “exist” in the moment?

Not me.  I am too busy for that.  I have too much to get done.   924 more words


The Calm Before The Dead Silence....

Can’t see me finding any time to post anything worthwhile until after the ‘Show’ next week. I beat my brains out trying to get the artwork and layouts done for my business cards & t-shirts the past couple of days, and finally got them all sent off and out of my hands. 699 more words

The Immediate

Esau sells his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of stew in Genesis 25.

This doesn’t make sense.

Esau was going to inherit the majority of Abraham’s wealth and he trades it for a bowl of stew? 260 more words


Important Things

A non-stop day and its only 08:32am!

I was up and out by 06:40am today, I had my day planned in my head and it was all sorted. 357 more words