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A few weeks ago, work took me to the Windy City for a conference. The opening keynote speaker was a young woman whom I had heard speak a few years back and while amazing, the part of me drawn to novel experiences, admittedly was somewhat less than enthusiastic about a repeat performance. 808 more words


Reunited Over Death: Is it Ever Too Late?

I received lots of emails, but none resonated quite like the one I received yesterday from Lyn Ciel. So I asked her to share it with you. 409 more words


Rockets to The Fourth Dimension

Good day World, this is Joan Rivers reporting from her rocket while travelling through The Fourth Dimension. Firstly, I would like to thank The Rivers Company for funding this mission but more importantly you for stopping to visit this page. 1,050 more words

attentiveness not required

Duh? Simple word to define simple people—yes? Most simpletons parade their conscious reality of delusion in support of the incumbent, his “gift”, and arrogance flaunted, yet, applauded by those absent the mental processes that indicate in running like a scalded dog from their “yellow-dog democrat” philosophy. 20 more words

Can Men and Women really be just friends

Random Thoughts

*insert drastic crying emoji here*

If you happen to follow my blog… you would be familiar with the title:
My boyfriend, my fish and I.

Well I am sad to say that one of those things is not with us anymore. 150 more words

Too late…Arundel Great Court

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40 years old, and already obsolete. However, I think old Arundel Great Court is a great piece of architecture – a fine background building that shows that blending in is a virtue. 600 more words

Too Late...