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Double Duty; Writing and Illustrating Comics by Jared Rogness

It was editorial cartooning for my college’s newspaper that first hooked me.  Attempting to do it all writing and illustrating, doing my best to peel back complex layers of an issue to get at the succinct core of an idea in a seriously restrictive format, it was comic boot camp for four years 4 yrs, and I loved it. 568 more words

North American Review


Finally I found my soulmate

actually it was all too late



I came across this picture a bit too late

Oops, too late

Based on the unexpected numerous feedback from my previous post after an 18-month break, I have been feeling inclined to do another one soon. This time round three scenarios got me here: I bumped into my high school teacher of English, who back then encouraged me to nurture my hobby in poetry (kudos, Mr. 316 more words

Before it’s too late

The search continues for Malaysian flight 370.  The urgency now is trying to find it before the batteries in the black box pingers die – and with them most hope of ever finding the plane or its passengers. 163 more words

Questioning Mind - a villanelle

If this was to be your last day on earth
And you could send out only one message
Would those special to you know you cared.