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I wrote porn for a while. I loved it. I sold my stories, not for much, but officially it was making money from writing. When I moaned about how hard it was to write novels my partner said to me, you should write a porn novel. 255 more words


deadly regret

self inflicted,
paves a way,
to an unknown,
but left alone,
it tends to grow,
into something,
that some part of us,
would regret, 7 more words


Brooklyn's What Model Citizens Release "Too Late" Video

“Too Late,” is the newest video by What Model Citizens, who hail from Brooklyn. Singer and frontman Alex Musto says of the eerie new video: 219 more words

Why Didn't I tell you...

It was like I had woken up from a coma, my own personal love coma. It happened slowly and everyone was standing around waiting for it but me, who didn’t even know I was in one.  365 more words

Tim Cook Announces He’s Gay, So Why Don't I Admire Him?

Here’s the big announcement. (Do we laud Business Week for its casualness in entitling the piece, “Tim Cook Speaks Up” rather than “Tim Cook Comes Out”?) 290 more words