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Writing 101 - Stream of Consciousness

(Added after the fact, so I can include a link: this is for Day 1 of WordPress’s new Writing 101 series.)

Okay, twenty minutes. I can do this. 713 more words


Too Much S#%T!

A past poem I wrote contains the line: “my possessions own me” and that is feeling more true than ever this week. I am being drug down by all my stuff. 682 more words


91 Things I Won't Miss

To start, I’m not in anyway referring to Kansas…

This past year I’ve had the pleasure of working in several different locations along the west coast. 2,952 more words

Travel Nursing


We have been talking about ways to simplify our lives even more.  For the most part we are probably better off than a lot of folks in that department.   521 more words

I Can't Do Seven Things At Once

It’s a problem.

The reality is there were seven projects in the garage wooodshop that were screaming for my attention. Seven.

  1. The picture frames I’ve been working on for…
  2. 1,043 more words

Sorry, I'm Not Sorry

I realize that I only made it a week through my proposed schedule of postings, but it’s moving week and I’m staring hopelessly at piles of clothing and trying to decide what to take and what to burn in grief. 62 more words


Not Quite a Minimalist...Yet (Movies)

Several years ago, I became so overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” we had, that I started decluttering. Major decluttering. I’m sure this happens to many people, especially after having children (because we tend to accumulate a lot for them), but it surprised me nevertheless. 399 more words