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The Collector Vs The Minimalist

And now for the dichotomy of my life- a post on one of the vintage collections that occupy one of my many “distraction” slots.

Pyrex. 652 more words

Nothing fits in a 5X10 Storage

Moving is enough persuasion for minimalism. <3

The end of your lease is an armageddon of sorts in LA. You ARE going to pay more… 64 more words


Put it away or I'll put it in the bin

Today’s prompt is Sweeping Motions

What’s messier right now — your bedroom or your computer’s desktop (or your favourite device’s home screen)? Tell us how and why it got to that state. 335 more words

The Daily Prompt

Refuting the prediction: 'you'll be bored!'

Looking around at the suburban lifestyle in my neck of the woods I see people run off their feet rushing from work to school to hockey/dance to meetings to appointments- desperately squeezing in errands, groceries, housekeeping and all-the-while complaining of ‘no time’. 334 more words

Getting Ready

Too Much Stuff...Lootbags and Keychains

We are programmed to believe it is proper social etiquette to provide a thank you gift in certain situations, and maybe sometimes it is appropriate.  Someone puts you up for a couple of nights in their home, maybe a bottle of wine or a house plant is in order.  689 more words

Trash Walking

Writing 101 - Stream of Consciousness

(Added after the fact, so I can include a link: this is for Day 1 of WordPress’s new Writing 101 series.)

Okay, twenty minutes. I can do this. 713 more words


Too Much S#%T!

A past poem I wrote contains the line: “my possessions own me” and that is feeling more true than ever this week. I am being drug down by all my stuff. 682 more words