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Alright second post and this one is serious business because I think I’m coming down with a horrible illness guys: clutterphobia.

So apparently people are happier when there’s less clutter. 390 more words


I’m so glad I pitched the tent last night, because there’s jack frost on the ground today and the ground is getting hard with frost. It’s not pretty out, just cold. 351 more words

Thursday Morning Coffee Blog

Three That Some Would Like For Christmas (2014)

1. Two front teeth.
2. Pretty stuff.
3. Plants.
With too much stuff inside-
To request stuff that goes outside.


The Mythology of Packing Light

So, here’s the thing about me. I always seem to have too much stuff at any given time. It’s not like I’m a hoarder or anything like that. 678 more words

How many pairs of earrings are too many?

99 was my starting number! Today I counted that I owned 99 pairs of earrings.  That seems like an awful lot but they take surprisingly little space.  493 more words


Book Review: "Too Much Stuff: Winning the War Against Clutter" by Kathryn Porter

I haven’t been reading too much since I started teaching. Sometimes I find my lack of reading time ironic- but let’s not dwell too long on that thought ;). 505 more words


Does anyone actually WORRY about their stuff?

I take it that if you’ve read my blog, you’ve probably read at least a few more on minimalism or simplicity. If not- you should, as these blogs below are the bread and butter and really do provide a much more eloquent introduction than I ever could. 387 more words