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better took

heard  things

and most got made up

turn and its own  wearing

and how it had

and what it most  wanted

wondering and those  feelings… 46 more words


Bilbo in limbo part 1 or, a amataur's analysis of Roast Mutton

Hello good reader!

Chapter two of The Hobbit starts as Bilbo wakes up in the morning to find the dwarves and Gandalf have left, which leaves him feeling both comforted and a little dissapointed. 376 more words


took on clean

fresh as it was easy

ended as it was called ugly

worst and those are the themes

and where it was the truths

and how it was false… 44 more words


took off

mind went away

and how it made a leap

and those whom are the dealers

and its own deck of marked cards

and where the promise… 49 more words


took from it

pick a rose

and watch it bloom

forever was in  a day

and how it was the situations

and how it placed and those are the glory… 47 more words