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took your mind

ran you off

and then it said

and how it whispered

and where it wants

and how it swims

and then it pools

and how it carried… 47 more words


Kendrick Lamar Took "All" Of Flying Lotus' Beats, Producer Says


Flying Lotus confirms Kendrick Lamar has worked on “a bunch of stuff” with his beats. He also says this is why his “Captain Murphy” album is being delayed. 236 more words


took over

got in the ride

and made it feel

and when it was noise

and how it paused on up

and just sat and laid back to listen… 47 more words


somebody took

made one day memorable

and as soon as a drive by came along

and soon as the door bell rang

and soon as the bank was entered… 54 more words


took over time

grab the clock of this life

didn’t want anything to beat me

and leave me without a fighting chance

and how it all  build and did as it pleased… 46 more words


love took a for the moment

whenever you are alert

and how it always speaks

and makes the grasp

and its  own new

and how it gets

the best of its proven… 48 more words