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Vipukirves Leveraxe

If you have to chop wood for any reason, then you really really should get one of these. Its called a Vipukirves Leveraxe and it’s… 420 more words


新しいWinZip(R) Mac 3により、クラウド共有とプライバシー保護を簡素化 [ #cbajp ]

WinZipは、メールやクラウド間のファイルの管理、保護および共有をシンプルにする最新のファイル共有アプリ、WinZip(R) Mac 3を本日発表しました。DropboxとGoogleドライブの直接サポートによる強力なファイル保護機能の追加と、従来のZipエンジンを搭載したWinZip Mac 3は、お客様のすべてのファイル共有ニーズに対応する欠かせないツールです。WinZip Mac 3は現在Mac App StoreおよびWinZip直販サイト( www.winzip.com/mac )から入手できます。



Interactive Model Builder

The third project, in my third year at university, was a programming assignment, where the choice for a project was extremely broad. We were given a number of different briefs to choose out of, for example, we could choose a research paper and implement it using a Maya plugin. 312 more words


Maya - Populating A Scene

The Masterclass project is a project which is assigned to all Animation students at Bournemouth University. This assignment was composed of a collection of briefs which are set by various different companies in the industry, each one designed to demonstrate a slightly different skill/area of interest. 421 more words


CodeSpells: Java leren door middel van een game

De University of California in San Diego heeft een “first-person player video game” gemaakt om Java te leren aan lagere schoolkinderen. Er is een tovenaar die gnomes moet helpen om weer te leren toveren. 139 more words


Arsenal 5810 Open Top Tool Organizer For

In schools are various different types of learning materials that can really help pupils to learn different concepts and boost their understanding of subjects such as English and mathematics. 340 more words