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This is my complete PE tool set minus magnification. I think the most expensive single item was the Gator’s Grip glue. I’m sure all those fancy PE tools make life easier but this works fine and is a whole lot cheaper. 30 more words

Scale Models


a black dawn upon the setting sun
for how could ever think of what was
to feed the past such definite emotions
is but to put a noose on the future’s nubile skin… 87 more words


【Interview】世界最小のiPhone用スタビライザーに挑む気鋭の企業を直撃! [ #cbajp ]




NRI、テキストデータ解析ツール「TRUE TELLER」をAPI化 [ #cbajp ]

株式会社野村総合研究所(以下、NRI)は1日、テキストデータ解析ツール「TRUE TELLER(トゥルーテラー) テキストマイニング」を強化すると発表した。ほかのシステムと連携できるようにAPI化し、「TRUE TELLERテキスト解析API」として同日より提供開始する。「TRUE TELLER」は、コールセンターへの問い合わせやアンケートへの回答など、顧客から寄せられる膨大なテキストデータを数値化・分析し、商品開発やサービスの改善などに役立てられるテキストマイニングソリューションである。




Another neat little technology and tool is called


. My friend recommended me to check it out and I have to say that it does a pretty good job.

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Joystick and Gamepad Mappers

I’ll start the ball rolling and have something pretty basic for you.

If you have ever had difficultly getting your generic controller to detect in a game and can’t set it to the bindings that you want, well there’s a simple solution out there for you that will help. 96 more words


Best gifts 2014: Striker Capsule Task Light

Striker Capsule Task LightThe Capsule 4-in-1 Task Light can be transformed into four different types of essential lights when attached to one of the four multi-functional accessories. 36 more words

Best Gifts 2014