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Advice From a High School Student On Creating A College List (College Mapper)

Selecting a college to put on your list can be hard. Choosing what city or what state can be even harder. I would know. I just went through the college selection and…

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Tricks for Decoding the Thorniest Interview Questions (US News)

There’s more to an interview than just answering questions. In fact, often the answers you give are less important than the inferences that an interviewer makes from them.

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Why Demonstrating Your Interest Matters (Dobler College Consulting)

Back in December, I wrote a piece about demonstrated interest. It’s become a popular phrase in the world of college admissions and if you missed the post, you can read it…

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Motivating an Unmotivated Student (Smart College Visit)

One of my friends recently asked me for some tips on motivating an unmotivated student. Honestly, it’s a question I asked myself years ago when my son was an average student and not making any attempt to focus on college goals.

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Are You Hovering or Helping Your Student?

It’s no surprise. Colleges and universities view today’s breed of college parent with some disdain. They see us as interfering in our student’s lives and overly involved in the college admissions process.

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5 Things College Applicants Can Do to Stand Out – in a Good Way (US News Education)

An academic passion, initiative and a proven interest in a college are key to getting your foot in the door – and they’re only some of the attributes admissions officers are looking for in their ever more competitive applicant pools.

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14 Crucial College Prep Topics for 2014 – #11 Ten Things Every College Applicant Must Know (SiaKnight.com)

During a  visit to a major university, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the application processing center and speak with the employees who handle the thousands and thousands of pieces of information sent in by college hopefuls.  

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