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Fitter, Happier, More Productive

Imagine a workplace where people are energised and motivated by being in control of the work they do. Imagine they are trusted and given freedom, within clear guidelines, to decide how to achieve their results.

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Tools Of The Trade

Writing and Reflection - 3/27/13

My picks to do this practice with are mostly random, although I admit that if my first random pick doesn’t jazz me at all, I move on to another one.  986 more words


A Rare, 19th-Century Manuscript Chronicles the Quest of an Amateur Naturalist

Treasures abide in many corners of a natural-history museum and there are many such treasures in the museum’s rare book collection. As the library’s acquisitions officer and a book lover, I’m privileged to handle these books as part of my job, and I often regret that more people aren’t able to see and appreciate them. 812 more words


Tools of the Trade... And Etsy.

It’s remotely possible that I’m selling vampire-slaying kits on Etsy.

I have no idea what people would actually do with them, but they do look awfully snazzy propped open on a bookshelf or cabinet of curiosities. 15 more words

Van Helsing Style

How We Do...

Here’s a basic set-up for a piercing in my studio. Top left, torch, spare pen and KY-Jelly. A mirror, measuring gauge and my making up pen. 23 more words

Piercing Portfolio

Greening the bond market

The Financial Post takes a weekly look at tools and strategies that will help make your investment decisions. This week: green bonds.

A new type of bond is taking root in the portfolios of money managers around the world. 477 more words