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A Quick Guide to Risk Management in Projects

Risk Management is a process of identifying risks, analyse them, planning responses and control them throughout the project life cycle. But the first step is the Risk Management Plan which is a document that contains a detailed plan of how to execute the above mentioned. 607 more words


Are you ready to River Jump?

Last week IP spent time with a Clinical Commissioning Group (part of the NHS) with a simple mission; to stimulate innovative ideas within the group. During a two-day Innovation Camp we focused on how to harness creativity at work by jumping into different rivers of thinking. 330 more words


Salvestrols - a brilliant anti-cancer breakthrough worth shouting about

Anti cancer breakthrough

According to The Australian magazine this week over 125,000 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer this year and more than 44,000 of them won’t make it! 714 more words


Introduction to chakras

The chakra system is a useful tool which one can build upon with several other methodologies; this is a basic introduction that I’ll elaborate upon in future posts. 950 more words

Tools & Techniques

Tell me, teach me, involve me


This statement is true in all aspects of life. However it can be applied specifically to the training and development of individuals.

For training to deliver a Return On Investment to the business the delegates need to leave the training room understanding the theory and why they should personally apply that theory back in their workplace.  263 more words

Employee Engagement

Clearing stones

Clearing or cleansing crystals and minerals for magical purposes is an important part of working with stones. The details of timing and methods depend on the stones being used and your intent. 936 more words

Materia Magica

Enterprise Results at Startup Prices

We all want the 250% spike in leads that social media can deliver to businesses. The problem is that having one or even two full time employees to produce high quality content costs $$$$$… especially if you are not sure of what you need to do and you spend months writing random posts with zero results. 182 more words

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