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US - Employer access to social media passwords legislation

Increasing numbers of Americans use social media both on and off the job. Recently, some employers have asked employees to turn over their usernames or passwords for their personal accounts. 334 more words

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Work-at-Home - Six Benefits

Here are six benefits.

No lengthy commute. According to US Census data, the average work commute time is 25.4 minutes. That might not sound so bad, but that’s close to an hour to get to and from the office, and many workers in large cities have an even longer commute. 428 more words

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Flexible Working in UK - After the June 30th new legislation

On 30 June, new legislation was enacted that allows all employees the right to request flexible working. This means a company has to ‘reasonably’ consider flexible working requests, whereas previously only employees with caring responsibilities were legally covered. 113 more words

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Job Dissatisfaction - Signs your job isn't for you

Here are a few ways to recognize the difference between a poor fit (and it might be time to start looking) and just a tough time. 105 more words

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Hello & Welcome!

Thank you for taking the time to check out the site and blog! This company and blog are a product of years working with small business owners, sales people, business professionals and entrepreneurs in helping them build referral systems that work for them and their business. 284 more words

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Job Search in US - Find a Job Center

American Job Centers can help you look for work and offer classes like resume writing. Many states offer business services to help employers hire, retain and train workers. 10 more words

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Hitting Setpoints

Living from the heart has been the most rewarding and sometimes scary way to live for me. The main reason it’s scary is because it has brought up all my set points and I’m sure it’s going to bring more! 287 more words