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Skills Gap in SME - First, link skills and employment policy to regional strategy

According to Siemens UK and Northern Europe HR director Toby Peyton-Jones, for small businesses the skills crisis is “the elephant in the room”.

“They just haven’t got the bandwidth to get involved with this agenda,” he says. 168 more words

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Job Interview - Gauging soft skills

Read on for two questions you can ask in future interviews that will help you sniff out theperfect people to add to your team. 588 more words

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Reference Search on LinkedIn - A lawsuit on recruiters contacting coworkers of candidates

Social network LinkedIn faces a class-action lawsuit over a premium search feature on the website, in which an applicant’s co-workers from their work history are identified and may be approached. 99 more words

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Job Search: Resume Writing - Don’t limit yourself to paper

As an out-of-town job seeker based in Chicago, Stephanie Florence knew in 2011 that in order to land a job in New York City — nearly 900 miles away — her resume would have to go the extra mile, too. 303 more words

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Career - 8 Threats to success

Provided below are the eight most overlooked threats to a successful career. While these tactics won’t guarantee that you’re spared the rod, they will give you a fighting chance. 53 more words

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Highlighting Text Between Two Strings In M/S Word

A couple of years back, when I first discovered macros, I kinda fell a bit in love with them. In particular I was entranced by the Visual Basic Editor packaged with Microsoft Office for the purpose of editing macros, or even writing them from scratch, bypassing the rather naff macro recorder. 1,447 more words