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Best helping hand

These helping hands are much more useful than the regular ones.  It is very flexible and you can even add four extra hands to it. I ordered this from… 17 more words


Dec 21 - Two gifts that transformed my view on Lean

In the last four years there are two clear pivot points for my view on Lean. The first major pivot point that really transformed how I look at Lean and especially the tools and methods of Lean is Mike Rothers book… 259 more words


Day of the Undead in Delecti's Upland Marsh and some additional enemies

Created a few Delecti related enemies for RQ Encounter Tool based on and inspired by the wonderful articles in an old Tales of the Reaching Moon. 156 more words

RQ Encounter Generator

Wessex Tubas BBb Contrabass Trombone

Many low-brass musicians have a tendency to be collectors, and I am not an exception. Through the years, I’ve gathered quite a collection of instruments, and I now possess every model of trombone from soprano to bass. 823 more words


Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Forty Seven: Sinks

The professor chose from his selection of pipes. “I don’t want to drain our resources,” he said as he puffed away, “but our current studies suggest when  24 more words


Saving Money with Credit Cards - a Tool of Frugal Living

Credit cards are one of the most ignored tools of frugal living.  This is so because the credit card, bless it, has an undeserved reputation as a bad guy in the world of consumer debt.  603 more words


Homemade Nachos!

Made by my one and only Bear! I had dinner and he hadn’t. I wasn’t even hungry and I ate most of it. It was so good. 32 more words