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How To : Use Git Tools for TFS Integration

Git – TFS Integration – Why it matters


For many small development shops, the idea of using TFS and a centralized source control repository is anathema. 1,495 more words

Visual Studio 2013

quilters' hands…part 2.

I checked with my doctor and my hand complaints seem to be over-use issues so my new tools should help significantly.  The other day I received the tools I ordered from  293 more words


Things I do when I'm Anxious + Coping Mechanisms for Anxious Ticks

When I feel anxious:

  1. I fidget with my hands. I squeeze them together, I mush my fingers with the palm of my other hand, I press my fingernails into my thumbs and flick them downwards, and I squeeze the edges of my fingernails inwards.
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Top 10 reasons for database mounting issues

Ever had problem with mounting or opening a database? The situation can arrive due to many reasons. When you are unable to mount database in the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 server or whichever you are using, the problem can be solved easily. 257 more words

Unable To Mount Database

Tools To Combat 5 Common Excuses Not To Start A GP Learning Group

GP small learning groups are becoming more popular. Some are groups of GPs who got together on the VTS and perhaps practised for the CSA together. 492 more words

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259: Scenery Renumbering Utility

I always want my scenery addons to be arranged in the proper order I prefer.   So I wrote this SceneryRenum utility to carry out the job efficiently. 146 more words


Monthly Method Spotlight: Be Your Customer

Be Your Customer

When/why: This method is helpful in building empathy with the customers by experiencing what the customer experiences. This can also be helpful in revealing unforeseen issues with your service. 74 more words