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The Biggest Power Tool In My House Is A Mixmaster


I need a workbench for my studio. Ideally, it would be at least three feet wide and six feet long. It has to be very stable and it would be nice if it had at least one shelf. 105 more words

Shop Addition

I got this table say earlier this week.  Finished setting it up tonight and thought I’d take it for a test cut and record this monumental moment to share with the world.   7 more words


Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing Tool for Dwarfins

I’m one of those Dwarfin breeders who only does a few occupations at a time. Recently, I fell hard for the Squires and I acquired this little lady: 272 more words


Pocket: Saving the Web, One Page at a Time

I’ve been a huge fan of Pocket for some time now. It has allowed me to more efficiently navigate the web, focus on what is most meaningful to me, and has dramatically increased the efficiency with which I can curate content. 523 more words

Social Media Marketing

Things that got done.

I met at the garden site with Peet and Barbara today for a brush-clearing lesson. There wasn’t that much to the lesson: snip the raspberry canes, just the ones that have already fruited, as close to the ground as you can. 166 more words

History of Humanity

The history of humanity:

Humanity invented the tool, then polluted themselves out of existence.

RQ Encounters - Prax meets Cult One-pagers

RQ Encounter Generator (for RQ6) (the creation of skoll at thedesignmechanism forum) has a major new feature – cults (and spirit societies, mystic orders and sorcery orders) as a first class citizen.   259 more words