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ToonTown Rewritten Reaches 1000

Today is going to be a short look at Toontown Rewritten. This past weekend they expanded the amount of time everyone could play.  If you got a slot or waited in the playline, when your turn came up you got 6 hours instead of 3 hours of play time on Saturday and Sunday. 249 more words


Toontown Rewritten Together. Sort Of ...

I spent the first evening of my vacation trying to find Nathan’s toon in Toontown.  It didn’t take too long, relatively, to find each other at the beginning, and then become “friends”. 564 more words

Organic Sound and Organic Throw

When it comes to organic tracks, it’s these two tracks that I consider to be the best to plant. This is something that I touched on briefly in another post but will now go into more depth on.  1,119 more words


Finishing Daisy's Gardens (part 2)

Last time we were here, I discussed completing Coach Z’s factory task which at this point is probably one of the hardest tasks you’ll have had to face. 391 more words


Finishing Daisy's Gardens (part 1)

I recently completed Daisy’s Gardens on my toon Sparks Fly Upward and while it was pretty easy for the most part, the factory and key for teleport access to DG tasks were rather difficult. 636 more words


Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Toontown Rewritten has not only brought back a majority of the old Toontown we knew and loved, it has also done some grand things that were never in the old game (or at least not very frequent in some cases). 486 more words