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I have 4 baby teeth in my underwear drawer

Tuesday night, right before bed, Bini yanked out his fourth baby tooth. It had been really loose for a week, so it’s not like we didn’t know it was coming. 837 more words

The Kid

Making memories at "The Huddle"

I have a confession to make. I have not been taking a photo everyday. Shocker. lol. I feel like a broken record but I will say it again, it is very difficult when you live in the country and have no children. 451 more words

Southern Boutique Photography


I stopped believing in the Tooth Fairy
when he stopped paying my dental bills.


Pay Up

Since when is the tooth fairy so stingy? Annisa needs that money!!!!


tooth be told | Dentists

Today, I believe, is a good day for my mother and others who know me. For the first time since I learned how to speak, I physically can’t use my mouth to do so. 187 more words

Island Adventures

Tooth Fairies

The pressure is on. The two Tooth Fairies have been notified and directed to the house in Minnesota. Don’t get lost. We gave you direction last time. 19 more words