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(God) syndrome.

Don’t you just love people who give (their) god credit for things that they/others do?

“Thank (G)od for saving … from disease/death/permanent injury.” … Yeah right, the doctors had nothing to do with it. 232 more words

Large Scale Idiocracy

100 Days of What Now?

Scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest lately, I’ve noticed more and more people jumping on the #100DaysOfHappy bandwagon. And I completely applaud them! Snaps for anyone who can commit to being ascetic and serene and yogic for more than three months. 346 more words

File Under "I Have No Idea"

Tooth Fairy Horror Story

It would have been a cute and funny story. Even a milestone moment in Keri’s conversation skills ….

But then the horror of the situation revealed itself!!!

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Laying the Smackdown on Ancient Mythology

The people’s champion is back! After the brilliance of Faster (2010) and the madness of Pain and Gain (2013), here he is in a role he’s pretty much built for (hehe – get it?). 584 more words

Blog Post

There Goes Peter Cottontail

Who was the first to go?

The Tooth Fairy, that’s who, that little fetishist, sneaking into children’s bedrooms, trading money for teeth. I suppose the Tooth Fairy is the least definite of the fantasy commies who distribute goodies among the masses. 521 more words


Mudpile Wood: Part 3 - Job Swap

They were waiting for Izzy to return.  Tulip and Elegant were  in Elegant’s house because she had made some breakfast muffins and bars.

Breeze was sitting at the side of the house chatting to Lovisma when they heard a loud screech. 386 more words


Julie's Jabbers: My Daughter The Freak Show

I have a 6-year-old girl who is adorable but I currently can’t look her in the face. The problem is her upper-front-tooth, which is so loose that it’s hanging from her gums. 329 more words