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How to answer a 5 year old

When a 5 year old asks you, “where does the tooth fairy live?” What do you say?

Here is how it went in our house: 176 more words

The Tooth Fairy - Knott's Berry Farm, CA

The Tooth Fairy is a “teeth chattering” Halloween attraction at the Knott’s Berry Farm theme park in Buena Park, California. It runs for 24 days from September 25th through November 1st. 368 more words


Recession hits tooth fairy...

Even the tooth fairy is feeling  the effects  of a bad economy.

Oh my baby & his baby tooth!

Looks like the tooth fairy will be coming to our house tonight. Oliver lost his first baby tooth today. How is this happening so already?!



GaViN LoSt HiS fIrSt ToOtH

Gavin came back home from visiting Nebraska with two loose front teeth.

He didn’t need much coaxing to pull them out.  He just did & then brought us the tooth. 53 more words

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Dear Tooth Fairy...

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Please see enclosed one baby tooth, bottom left incisor, lost this day, August twenty-second, two thousand fourteen.

I deposit it here with the understanding and hope that it may be of some use to you. 104 more words