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Me As a Dumb Kid

Have you ever looked back at your childhood and thought about how dumb you are? Well, I have and I have recently thought about what I thought when I was young. 674 more words
About Me

We think that every little kid needs a tooth fairy pillow… it’s a convenient place to slip a $5 bill. That is going rate for a tooth right?


'Happy Flying:' Principal pulls strings with tooth fairy to make child's day

LANGLEY, British Columbia – When a child loses a baby tooth, it is a sign they are growing up.

Many times, kids will put those teeth under their pillow for the tooth fairy. 370 more words


Happy Flying!

This is the sweetest story of an eight year old with a lost tooth and an obliging tooth fairy, but most of all, it is the story of a principal who understood, and did what he could. 517 more words

Anecdotes Of Life

Parenting 101

Because your face will stay that way forever

Yes, Santa ate the cookies and drank the milk!

Because you will catch your death of a cold… 71 more words

National Poetry Month

I’m not sure whether to laugh or feel really bad.

Last night my daughter lost a baby tooth. Every time she’d bite her food it would hurt. 219 more words

What The Fluff?

I Wish All Principals Could Be Like This

This story gives me so much pleasure:

Many adults would have dismissed a Grade 3 girl’s desperation over losing her tooth in the school playground. But her principal took it seriously, writing a letter to the tooth fairy with the school’s official letterhead.

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