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Proud gap-toothed girlie!

Right in the middle of dinner, Juli lost her first baby-tooth. She’d been worrying and agonizing over it for days. I half-expected she would fly into a panic when it happened. 77 more words

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My Unusual Relationship with the English-Speaking Dentist

Dr. Kim’s office was technically in walking distance from my apartment, not taking into account the unseasonably low temperatures and my lack of experience on icy surfaces. 1,469 more words

David Sedaris

Dinosaur Dragon Tooth Fairy Embroidered Pillow with Pocket 12"x 9"

Lillian rose 12″x9″ dinosaur tooth fairy embroidered pillow. Measuring 11″ x 8″, this embroidered dinosaur and tooth fairy pillow includes a special pouch for a child to place their baby tooth for the tooth fairy. 8 more words

Did You Know? Drinking Bottled Water May Cause Tooth Decay

Americans are drinking about 8.4 billion gallons of bottled water each year. What many people don’t realize is bottled water manufacturers are not required to include fluoride in their water and often don’t disclose just how much fluoride is in a bottle of water, if any at all. 92 more words

"Are you sorry we drifted apart?"

Elvis was the King and to many he still is, but I thought that maybe his crown might have amounted to more than just a… 138 more words


Keep your Pets Safe and Healthy during the Easter Holidays

Many of us will be participating in the annual Easter Egg hunts this weekend.  For those of us who love the taste of chocolate, the colourful wrapped chocolate eggs are one of our favourite treats. 492 more words