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Top: 5 August

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5. Fat moves fast.

4. This is a story about peaches and burnt tar.

3. … 14 more words


Spring is here - TOP 5 must

I’m super excited. 
Spring has to be my favorite season of them all. 
Don’t ask me why but just thinking about spring puts  a smile on my face.  225 more words


Rosenhaus: Top 5 NFL Over / Unders

With the preseason mercifully over, it’s time for the real games to begin. Each and every year, Vegas posts over/under win totals for teams. For example, the hometown Falcons are eight and a half. 644 more words


top five get picked on master chef as jamie finaly cracks under pressure and goes .

and thus after all this time the pressure finaly gets to jamie as not only when the final six wind up taking over a diner. and not only does gordon wind up with shades of hells kitchen from telling cutter and leslie to knock it off or he will send them both home to telling the blue team that their one dish that is cooked by courtny yes do no wrong courtney the front runner winds up screwing up . 112 more words


Top 5: Fashion de noir.

As we all know black is always classic and versatile. Black can be a little bit Chanel, a little bit punk or vampy Kat Von D.  264 more words


TOP 5 Moments In: Independence Day

As far as summertime popcorn blockbusters go, Independence Day undoubtedly fits the bill. Big, loud, cartoonish, and lots of turn-off-the-brain fun, the film sticks solidly to a very satisfying formula and delivers laughs and thrills. 70 more words


Top 5 skilltesting cards in Magic

This is a top 5 list based on my own perception and experiences with these cards. Your experiences may differ, as may your opinions. Mine are more correct, however, since mine are written down here. 1,036 more words