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Easter Saturday morning surprise for the family – Pancakes! I have finally mastered this recipe so that I can reliably whip them up quickly any day for breakfast, then keep them cold for an afternoon snack (lunch box idea) or a cold breakfast treat the next day. 318 more words


Good Friday Hot Cross Buns

Today, we started an exciting tradition in our house – Good Friday Hot Cross Bun making and eating! I’ve always found Hot Cross Buns too scary to try on our restrictive diets, but this year I was brave (while holding my breath that it would all turn out and be delicious). 831 more words


American Idol: “Like, Totally 80's” Top 8 Week

We relive the 80s this week as well as the top 8 since the judges unanimously decided to use the save on Sam last week. Due to his many 80s performances, David Cook mentors the contestants this week. 835 more words

Alex Preston Receives Mixed, But Mostly Positive Reviews On 80s American Idol Performance

It was a big risk, dismantling the 80s hit Every Breath You Take by the Police, but MixFest alum Alex Preston went ahead with it on… 317 more words


American Idol Top 8, Part II: The 80s couldn't have been this boring because everyone was on blow

It’s nights like tonight that I wish I did cocaine instead of talking about how awesome it is.

With a theme like “The 80s” it should have been a rousing success. 1,871 more words

American Idol

American Idol: “We're Headed Back to the Start” Top 8 Week

The theme this week requires contestants to perform their audition songs, providing an excellent opportunity for everyone to see how far they’ve come since.

Kicking off the night is Jessica with her original song “Blue Eyed Lie.” It was a great start as it was a great song and she performed it with intensity. 666 more words

Top 8 + a great recipe

I love top lists.  They’re quick, easy to read, and often filled with fun reasons for going here or there, doing such-and-such and whathaveyou.  I’ve wanted to do one of my own for a while, so here it is: 1,369 more words