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What is this "top bar" thing?

A top bar hive is just that: a long narrow trough-like hive that has bars on top that the bees build their comb on independently.  The traditional hive style – the one you visualize – is called a… 520 more words


How to transfer a bee colony to a new location

Beehive No III

(First split an existing colony to create an artificial swarm.

We did this the week before by transferring the queen into a temporary smaller transport hive with nursery worker bees and comb containing bees. 179 more words


Happy Easter

Happy Easter, everyone. It turned out to be a beautiful day. Hope all were able to enjoy it!

We had a busy weekend full of spreading compost, planting bed prep, planting, row cover repair and other tasks. 114 more words


bees and smart meters

A couple of weeks ago published a comment received from a friend about the behaviour of her bees after the installation of SMart Meters.  This week, she had commented of a large die-off of her bee population, attributing this to the smart meters. 943 more words


Mary Mary Quite Contrary...

We’re so excited about the changes to our yard/garden/homestead this year!  A little pictorial:

Last year we had eight raised beds.  This year we’ve adding three more to accomodate more of the same veggies as well as some newcomers (spaghetti squash, radishes, watermelon, pumpkins).   510 more words


"Finished your warre now?"... "erm... still not so much."

Here is the next bit of fiddling about I have done instead of getting in with a new hive.

Using 40mm batons (to allow for 2mm removal by circular saw) I cut away a strip 9mm wide. 137 more words

Spring is Here

Spring is here and I am about to start my third year with the bees. I did lose one of the two hives that I took into the winter, but I made plans to purchase three new packages. 21 more words