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A wonderful day to be a beekeeper

I felt so lucky to be heading down to the apiary in glorious heat today. I know a lot of people don’t like this hot weather, and I’m sorry about that, but I have to admit I love it. 794 more words

HIVE: What is a “Top Bar Hive”?

12 June 2014

The Short Answer (TSA)

In nature, a colony of honey bees will build a structure, a shelter, called a beehive.  But all honey bees are not “in nature.”  Bees are “kept” by “beekeepers” for commercial purposes. 454 more words

Hive Organization - Week 12

The death of half of my hive in late May has weighed heavily on me, keeping me out of the hive and away from my blog. 715 more words

Newbies With New Bees

A Glass at Half its Total Capacity

It’s half a glass, whether half full or half empty it doesn’t matter because the bottle is never far away. My two Queen system has not been realised. 399 more words

zucchini and challenges

This is how much zucchini I got to freeze this past week, plus we ate some and gave some away. Off to a good start for the year, then the HEAT came on. 623 more words


The experiment begins

There isn’t just one way of housing bees. The most common method is the Langstroth hive with frames each containing a beeswax sheet printed with a hexagonal pattern. 630 more words

Apis Mellifera

Saturday Selections: Show Me the Honey!

Okay, I’m cheating a bit with this Saturday Selection by squeezing in an update on my bees. But really, nothing’s grabbed my fancy this week except for the huge pot of honey I’ve extracted from my own beehive. 1,150 more words

Saturday Selections