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Random or Random-like

As I am sure you are aware, I am mostly a Top Down style ref, playing Epic story lines. This usually results in very big storylines that intersect with many other big storylines…often leaving players a little stymied as to which way to go. 1,417 more words

Game Mastering

The Power of a Corvette

I car pool to school with two other girls from my town. Our school is about an hour away, so it’s really a blessing that 2 of my classmates live in my town. 218 more words


_speed_ update - 14th September

So….It has been quite a while since the last update…but lots of stuff has changed!

  • Weapons have been removed and redone
  • Xinput and directinput gamepads and now supported…
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WIP WEDNESDAY: Still pluggin' away at Aiken

Since the last time I posted, I’ve picked up stitches for the armholes and finished one sleeve for Aiken, with another sleeve almost done.  I tried it on earlier today and it looks great on me. 170 more words


Unreal 4 Getting Started!

As of yet, I’m still only getting down the basics. But I can say with confidence that even only after a week, I already like UE4 much better than Unity. 370 more words

Game Design

Browsing Technique and Norah's Suggestions

If you’re thinking about joining in on our Gaughan-Along, you’ve probably been debating what pattern to choose.  How do you pick one design from 758 beautiful possibilities?!   637 more words