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What Would Deming Do? And What Happened to Overtime?

I’ve mentioned Edwards Deming before (here). His ideas on cooperation between workers and management enabled Japanese industry to out-compete American industry, which operated on the familiar top-down management model. 302 more words

Social Policy

Walk Away

The BBC like the entirety of the British state is a top-down, totalitarian structure. We live in a grotesquely hierarchical society. Hierarchy, rank, class seems to be an embedded part of our societies. 136 more words

Dear Deer

I live in an area with deer.  Not to mention, black bears, all sorts of snakes, hogs (kinda like living in Hogwarts County XD lol) , etc.   318 more words


New DayZ Game Looks Cute As A (Zombie's) Button

MINIDAYZ, which began life as a fan-made tribute to DayZ, has quietly been picked up by Bohemia Interactive and is now hosted on the publisher’s site — for free — as an “official” DayZ title. 38 more words

Pixel Art

The Fallacy Of Top-Down Education Reform

Reposted from Forbes:

Back in 1995 in my state of Oregon the legislature came up with a new educational program that was going to improve test scores and graduate more students. 249 more words

Pattern Release: La Pasionaria Top

Sale option will be set on active on 1st Jan 2015 and the design will then be discouted until 19th Jan. Details on the Ravelry pattern page linked to the picture.


Last October Days!

As October came, a series of bad news arrived and the weather too changed turning into stormy and wild. But just when the month was turning into November, a week of shiny days made all of us feeling on holiday. 179 more words