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Lady of Stars Dress II

Like the GPS always tells me, “Recalculating….” The ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor, is also known as the Lady of Stars and the Mistress of Heavens. She is the goddess of beauty and love, music and dance. 379 more words


Top Down AND Side to Side

As a community focused person I have this Utopian anarchist dream that we will all get along and ‘do the right thing’. Which of course really means ‘everyone do what I want you to’. 257 more words

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Eyelet-patterned raglan cardigan - 2

Since I had quite some time available for knitting this past week, I’ve managed to make about a third of the cardigan. (Fun fact: 191 more words


A Weekend of Trial & Tribute

It is quite amazing how so many things can take place all in the span of one weekend. I left home on Friday morning heading to Bedford and the Saturday British Car Show in Windsor. 687 more words


Top Down Vs Bottom Up - Which Investor Has the Edge?

By David Nelson, CFA

There’s no shortage of articles from the financial community calling for a significant market downturn. The best point out excess and froth or data that has slipped under the radar. 1,291 more words

David Nelson

Top Down Communication

Communication is no doubt one of the key requirements of an efficient business and effective leader. A habit to have regular, appropriate and genuine communication acts like a seat beat in the car. 439 more words


First Impressions: Divinity - Original Sin

Once upon a time in 2002, there was a brilliant game that paid homage to Ultima VII, (my comment to Larian’s developers at the time was that it was the game that 1994′s Ultima VIII… 2,503 more words