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Chris Rock, Cedric the Entertainer and More Remember Marion Barry, Jr.

Yesterday, D.C. woke up to the news beloved former mayor Marion Barry, Jr. had passed after suffering cardiac arrest.

The city mourned a person who did so much to bring many kids summer jobs, focused on the parts of D.C. 109 more words


Five Things that Make People Lucky

Apparently, having a “real job” is the most important thing to describe oneself as the lucky person. At least this is what the data shows. To be honest, I do not know where the threshold is between the “real” and “fake” jobs but there should be some if so many people believe in its existence. 170 more words

Amazing Job

Top Five Bucket List Items

As inspired by Major Spoilers Top 5 Podcast: Top Five Bucket List Items episode.

I suppose everyone has something they’d like to do or accomplish before they leave this world. 451 more words

Casual Posting

5 Essential Tips to Save for Travel

I’ve travelled a lot, and aside from an amazing job opportunity presented to me at 21 years old, all of my previous and later travel has been completely self funded. 1,097 more words


Dennis' Top Five Favorite Animes

Hi y’all! As you can tell from my past posts on anime before (the ones about the characters: here and here), I am clearly a fanatic of anime. 843 more words


Shuffle of the week: 17 - 21 November 2014

It’s been one of those crazy weeks, filled with amazing happenings, but it also drained every bit of life out of me. LIFE LESSON: chill out a bit every now and then, you don’t HAVE to do everything. 58 more words


top 5 gateway games revisted

A while back I wrote a post called Top Five Gateway Games.  In it, I argued that the top five gateway games should likely be… 311 more words