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Post glorious Post!

This ad is very stylish, but I suspect misleading, I have yet to see a single post box!

Since I arrived in Dubai I have been baffled by the postal system.

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Frankie Boyle calls on BBC to sack "cultural tumour" Jeremy Clarkson: 'He's horrible'

Frankie Boyle has branded Jeremy Clarkson a “cultural tumour” who should be sacked by the BBC. 168 more words


Jeremy Clarkson Gets Ice Bucketed Unwillingly

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson was having a nice nap in his garden when his kids decided to put him up for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The outcome is certainly hilarious.


I Hate: Clarkson/Morgan/Kyle

The other day, for reasons I would rather not go into, I typed “Jeremy Clarkson” into Google. I would hope it goes without saying that it was not for sexual purposes but, just to clarify, it was not for sexual purposes. 729 more words

5 Best Television Shows To Waste A Half Hour Watching

This week’s Starpulse list is “Best TV Shows To Waste A Half-Hour Watching,” which I chose in honor of FXX’s ‘Every Simpsons Ever’ marathon that started yesterday. 74 more words


Top Gear: The World’s Most Watched Factual TV Show

Top Gear is one of the BBC’s most popular titles and it has been sold to over 214 territories internationally including USA, Saudi Arabia, France, Japan, Iceland, Hong Kong, Australia, Mexico, Dubai, Israel, Poland, Sweden, Canada, Estonia, Turkey and Russia making it, as Jeremy Clarkson once noted: ‘The Most Widely Watched Factual Television Programme… in the World’. 38 more words


Richard Dawkins to join Top Gear team

The BBC have announced that Richard Dawkins is to join the Top Gear team when the show returns for its new season.

Dawkins, who has this week ignited fresh controversy by saying that a woman who knows her child will be born with Down’s Syndrome would be immoral if she did not abort it, has frequently hit the headlines for making inflammatory statements. 171 more words

Evening Harold