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Running Away

*Unedited: Thoughts while on a plane from Cardiff, Wales to Belfast, Northern Ireland.*

Sometimes, life gives us shits. Sometimes, it is even covered with a gold wrapper that we fail to realize that it is just a lure, a bait to make us fall deeper. 300 more words


Flowers, Bugs, and the Lyrical Double-Standard

When I was younger, the only time I had ever heard of the word “azalea” was either to describe the flower, or a town in one of my favorite video games. 397 more words

Black Widow

Whistle While You Work or Listen to Zombies.

What are two things that go great together?

The answer to that question is easy, Pandora radio and getting work done. I work in the costume shop for the theater department on campus. 290 more words

Social Media

‘All About That Bass’ Could Have Been a Beyoncé Song

By Kevin Rutherford

“All About That Bass” is the smash hit for Meghan Trainor that might have never happened — for her, at least.

In an… 217 more words