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Top 10 List: Worst Songs of 2010

2010 was the start of a new decade. We thought shit was gonna change and, for the most part, it did. But some things always stay the same like the music industry. 1,498 more words


6 People Who Should Host SNL

Going into its 40th season on the air Saturday Night Live is in a weird place right now. While the regular performers are all great the show has seemed to have fallen into a stagnant pattern when it comes to ideas and set up for the show. 1,012 more words


15 Movies That Will Always Stick With You

Apparently, we all know that fifteen movies aren’t enough to list the one’s that will always stick with each one of us. But here’s my first 15 favourite movies that popped into my mind. 1,313 more words

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20 Most Anticipated Movies of Fall 2014

It’s that time of year again! That time that every film fan looks forward to most, the fall! With it recedes the mindlessness of the summer blockbuster season, only to be replaced with Oscar-bait and hidden gems. 4,255 more words


Extrinsic Rewards Feel EPIC!

It took me until I was 18 and in university to realise that I had to ask if I didn’t know what someone was talking about so I have grown to not feel ashamed to ask ‘stupid’ questions or admit that I am ignorant on a topic.   387 more words

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My Twitter friend and colleague @gazneedle got here first - but I want to add my thoughts on his post: Friendly Neighbourhood Teacher - Extrinsic Rewards Feel EPIC! [caption id="attachment_317" align="aligncenter" width="329" class=" "]www.huffingtonpost.com www.huffingtonpost.com[/caption]


I created that phrase and if I am honest, I am really quite pleased with it! It pops up now as a known #hashtag when I type it in. I did that. As I have said before, back in April I didn't 'get' Twitter, what it was, what it did, how it worked, none of it. Now here I am, in September, nominated by my peers on Twitter via @Ukedchat as one of the Top 100 UK educators on the Social Media platform. How bonkers is that?! Now, I am a realist. In the big picture, it doesn't mean a lot, but to me it is a really special moment. People who I don't know, think what I have to say is useful and they like it enough to say something about it. I didn't even know there were nominations or I would have made some! So, like Gaz, I saw the notification on my Twitter feed and saw some friends getting excited: @gazneedle, @redgierob, @grahamandre, @bryngoodman so I followed it back to this tweet: https://twitter.com/gazneedle/status/508296924659974145 And there we all were sitting proudly on #Ukedchat Magazine's pages. You get a badge and everything! I was quick to add it to my page, because I want to see it! I told my wife who smiled and said "Well done!" (She doesn't do social media and thinks I am wasting time!) I now have a badge, and a link and I feel incredibly proud. I have just over 700 followers and think, like Gaz, if this is how a 36 year old man feels, about being told he can share a little gif file, how important is it that we reward the children we teach? We all, as human beings, like to be made to feel special, valued or important. It is why headteachers walk into classrooms and make a positive comment - it makes us more productive people. It isn't about the big things, it's the little comments that make them proud, send them home with a smile or make their parents realise that their little person has done something special - those things count. I feel rather like the jolly geezer in my opening animation - I suspect that I might be overselling it, but I feel good and I want people to know that! To whoever voted for me - thank you, that minute spent has made me a very happy tweeter. Maybe there is something to this Twitter thing - I think it might just catch on!

7 Tips sederhana hindari penipuan jual beli online

Berita baru yang tak kalah ‘hotnya’ dibandingkan dengan kasus Florence Sihombing atau juga beredarnya foto mesum seorang wanita berbaju PNS, adalah masalah penipuan jual-beli online. 643 more words


6 Things I Learned From The Simpsons Marathon

With FXX being that “Oh that channel with Always Sunny” of the cable world they finally stepped up their game with their 12 day marathon of every Simpsons episode. 1,032 more words