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The "It's Been A While" Post

So… it’s been some time since I’ve posted anything, and I’ve been capturing a few moments with my camera that have yet to be shared. For starters, I visited this very old crazy lookin’ cave in Gainesville Florida. 133 more words

Rockefeller Center: a day up and around the top of the rock

After having shared the photos from my experience up the 70th floor of the Top of the Rock in NY in a previous post (see link and collage :D), here are some images of the Rockefeller Center Square and the beautiful streets nearby :) For those of you who are looking for a new angle to take pics of the famous Radio City Music Hall, there are some wide windows at the entrance of the Rockefeller Center that are perfect to tick off another thing from your photography bucket list of NY :) Also, I am not so much of a sweet tooth generally, but I had the lemon cheesecake of my life at the Rockzfeller Café in that nice outdoor area near the fountains that you can see in the pic above…. highly recommended ! :) Enjoy xx



Take me back to NYC

Whenever I start the process of planning my next vacation I try to think of the highlights of vacations past and see if there’s anything similar I might enjoy in a new location. 187 more words


Hayley and Michael's Bethesda Terrace Wedding

Hayley and Michael brought their family and friends to New York from Baton Rouge, Louisiana this March for their wedding in Central Park.

They had been together for around four years before they got married. 602 more words


Top of the Rock

August 5, 2014

Waited all summer to come here! Next time, I’m coming at night.

I’ve got a thing for heights and bright lights. But you knew that already.

My Triumphant Return To New York City.

When I left the US, early in 2012 at the end of an amazing one year exchange visa program, I spent my last night in NYC. 1,338 more words


This city is my church.

New York, April 2014

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