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Post-Top-Op Update

4 days post-op chest view

nipple preview

my chest, all plastered up

anti-clotting leg cuffs

returning to the ward after surgery

waiting for surgery


Time to get a couple of things off my chest: Top Surgery, Part 1

The plane had barely landed when I got the text from my mom. The first line read, “Please call me when you are able…” and my heart stopped. 671 more words


tit for tat

wow! it’s been two weeks since my top surgery. it’s been a weird two weeks. i am grateful beyond any stretch of the imagination in regards to having the surgery. 665 more words


On Binding and Surgery

The night I bought my first chest binder I couldn’t sleep. The hand on my watch boomed at each passing second, minute, then hour. I tried to smother it ,and my thoughts, beneath a pillow pressed against my head. 1,028 more words



“Hi, I’m Kris. I’m a trans guy.” I will probably never utter these words aloud to another human being. And I will just as probably never be called by my chosen name by my partner, friends or family. 272 more words

Gender Identity

5 Days Post-Op

I woke up before 5 o’clock the day of my surgery. I hadn’t been sleeping much in the two weeks leading up to it, but the moment my eyes opened that morning, I was wide awake. 1,267 more words


the colour of bruises

an ex lover
in the kebab shop says
my bra is too tight

because men know
these sorts of things

pink // blue
fresh bruise…
201 more words