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Top Surgery: A Butch Perspective

As most of you know I had top surgery on August 18th by Dr. Kimberly Marble at Exeter Hospital in New Hampshire.  I wrote a piece on August 30th about some of the reactions I had received regarding my choice to go ahead with this surgery.   1,866 more words


past lives.

it’s been a tough couple of weeks.  my body is still healing, and adjusting to what i can only describe as a reduced range of motion.  1,141 more words

Top Surgery

She's Starting to Sting

Since having top surgery, I have noticed that female pro-nouns are starting to ring a little louder in my ears and feel a bit less natural. 463 more words

Four Days

I am now four days post-op. What?! Strange to think my top surgery was already four days ago. I have been pretty out of it the last couple of days. 298 more words

4 days post-op

Wow, can’t believe I finally got my surgery! Four days post op, and I’ll try to summarize the high points here. (Warning: I’m long-winded and this might be much longer than one might typically expect from a “summary”!) 2,297 more words


Had my top surgery and abdominal lipo Wednesday AM with Dr. McLean in Ontario. Super sore, but soooo happy with the results! Got to see my chest today and I can’t believe the transformation! 10 more words