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hey sunshines!

Thanks to all for posting for last week’s challenge! I loved seeing everyone’s diverse images on the thankful theme. We really have so much to be thankful for ♥ I hope you all have a wonderful week and Thanksgiving day! 188 more words

Photo Challenge

Top 10 Autumn Scarves!

Aloha ladies!

So I wanted to celebrate my 10th blog post with my most favourite fall-friendly hijabs. Honestly, I’ve not really been on any kind of shopping spree this autumn, ever since I came back from my summer holiday. 179 more words


Top Ten Fictional Deaths (pt one)

Cheery topic, I know, but character deaths are an integral part of fiction. Lack of risk sucks all the scope out of a narrative, and all too often, risk means death. 680 more words

My Media

The Top 10 Eurovision Song Contest Entries From The 1990s

Russell across at theverybesttop10.com has allowed me to do yet another guest post on his amazing site so I thought I would give a rundown of my favourite entries from the 1990s. 746 more words


Top 10 books to change your life


I have been reading books by Gabrielle Bernstein for the past few days and decided to share with you my list of top 10 books that changed my life and made me realize what an awesome human being I am. 130 more words

Top Ten Best Things About Thanksgiving 2014

Greetings, Dear Reader! I am writing from Missouri this week. I am at my uncle’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving with my big, loud, lovely family. Thought I would share with you what is, in my opinion, the ten best things that Thanksgiving has to offer: 892 more words

Top Ten Facts You Will Never Be Able To Unread.

Beware: The below includes facts, reports, opinions and speculations about, cannibalism, graveyards, murder, supernatural phenomenons, bugs, and other such morbidly fascinating topics. Not for the faint of heart. 991 more words