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My top ten TV bitches

It’s not surprising that some of my favourite TV characters are “bitches”. I’m talking about the ladies that take no nonsense, tell it like it as and sometimes bring a level of mean we wouldn’t be brave enough to level ourselves. 592 more words

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CP Army Top Ten - 11/23/14

Hello all! This is the SMAR Top Ten! This will be our first ever Top Ten so I hope you all enjoy! This week’s top ten has not been completely filled though! 38 more words

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The Top Ten Longest Title Reigns in FFP History (as of 11/22/2014)

Every Full Force Pro title is viewed with the utmost respect. To hold an FFP title you have to be one of the best professional wrestlers in the world. 1,066 more words

Veronica Clyne

Top 10 future stars for 2014 – actress edition

After the success of last week’s Future stars – actor edition, I’ve moved onto actresses I think have the potential to rocket right into the limelight. 922 more words


Warning signs that you should bail on your first date

1. You start talking about marriage and children

There is no need to discuss any kind of future any longer than next Tuesday.

2. They mention their ex, more that once  450 more words

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5 Important Features Professed By Top Ten Lists For Their Rising Popularity

Information in any source is useful for learners, but if provided in a format that is easy to remember, people will go after such sources with increased enthusiasm. 527 more words

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