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My top 10 doomed TV couples

So a couple of weeks ago I did my top 10 doomed movie couples… because you know, I love an unhappy ending. It turns out that there are some pretty awesome doomed TV couples too though. 1,243 more words

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Top Ten Things I’ve Learnt in the First Two Weeks of Being an IT Technician

Last week, I joined the IT support team at a school in Chingford. The third technician, a woman and with no experience whatsoever, I bring you the top then things I’ve learnt so far in this job. 734 more words

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My top 10 blue eyed actors

As you all know there is nothing I like better than borrowing a good idea. This time I have decided to appropriate Cindy Bruchman’s lovely… 483 more words


Top Twelve Contra-Rotating Lunatics

By the mid-1940s the limitations of piston aero engines were becoming apparent. Every possible scheme to squeeze the last bit of power from the internal combustion engine was tried. 1,336 more words

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Top Five Navies in the World - 2014

When comparing the naval forces of different countries the following factors must be considered.

Size: Total number of vessels, displacement and manpower.

Sophistication: How modern and technologically advanced are the fleets? 594 more words

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Video Countdown: The Goo Edition

Until you really put some thought into it…you don’t realize how many music videos feature goo. Pink goo. Green goo. Gooey goopy goo. I don’t know where this trend came from or if it has some kind of philosophical undertone. 351 more words

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Top Ten Characters at my Lunch Table

This is a rendition of Top Ten Tuesday by the thebrokeandthebookish.wordpress.com. The returning-to-school themed prompt was literary characters you’d eat lunch with. I found this one a bit tricky, but here’s the result: 355 more words