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The Best and Worst things about the USA


1. A channel that airs nothing but back to back episodes of Forensic Files

Oh that’s right. There’s nothing better than a hangover day in your bed, eating munchies and watching the trashiest TV you can find. 703 more words

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Phone calls you don't wanna answer

1. Gym
If you’re thinking about putting my number down because you need 10 numbers to win a free drink bottle, let me know first because I’ll buy you two drink bottles just to keep Goodlife off of my ass. 544 more words

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What the world thinks about Australians

1. No, I do not ride kangaroos everywhere or have them as pets

Look, as much as I’d love to nod and say yes, I do have a pet joey named Skippy who use to hop me to school and play with me in my back yard, I can’t I’m sorry. 623 more words

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My top 10 horror movie targets

In many horror movies the targets of the villain/monster are often no more than cannon fodder, destined to be slaughtered without the audience even really getting to know their names. 716 more words


Top 10 TMNT Nick Episodes

So I rarely ever talk about the Nick show. Ever. And since I try to two posts per day but one was a boring news post, I feel I’ve swindled you guys. 650 more words


Top Ten Pixar Shorts

As well as the amazing movies that Pixar produces, there are also many shorts that Pixar has created that can even sometimes be said to be better than a full length movie. 507 more words


Top 10...Games to Rekindle Your Gaming Passion

Everything seems bland and lifeless. You don’t feel like playing a game you have already. You are tired of the same type of gameplay, Tired of Sim City and Call of Duty. 1,940 more words