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Top Ten Pixar Shorts

As well as the amazing movies that Pixar produces, there are also many shorts that Pixar has created that can even sometimes be said to be better than a full length movie. 507 more words


Top 10...Games to Rekindle Your Gaming Passion

Everything seems bland and lifeless. You don’t feel like playing a game you have already. You are tired of the same type of gameplay, Tired of Sim City and Call of Duty. 1,940 more words


My top 10 US comedy series

After last week’s Top 10 British comedy series last week I thought I should feature my top 10 US comedy series. Generally I prefer British comedy to American, mostly because British comedy is just that much more risque. 1,027 more words

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Top 10 Forgotten TMNT Characters

I know I just posted another blog post, but I’ve decided that two a day was good. One comic review, and one other thing. This is a top ten list of forgotten TMNT characters. 651 more words

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My top 10 British comedy series

British TV has a really strong tradition of comedy, especially of the more off the wall kind, which is really quite different from US TV comedy. 1,134 more words

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First Sentences of Non-Fiction

After an online debate with Brian Moore over the opening sentence of ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ (best of lines, worst of lines), which I would have rejected for my Top 10 First sentences of novels even if it had not been too long, I thought we should turn to non-fiction. 271 more words

My Top Ten Favorite Anime Characters

Recently I made the decision that I should start posting anime related content like reviews on top of my regular content, now I am pretty sure most of you are aware that I adore anime, I thought my first official anime related post should be something easy like a list of my favorite characters in anime. 2,814 more words

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