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Act of Terrorism

You’re an NYC police officer on patrol when all of a sudden some dude rolls up on you wielding a hatchet. Oh and it doesn’t stop there. 15 more words

GD's got it bad

he liked this quote this morning. a quote which is about Love and Forever… he’s so in love and he deserves to be happy. after all the heartache he has endure to finally, finally get that love and the things that he still do just to keep it… *clutches heart* be happy!! 10 more words

London eye

I truly believe that the city opens its face when you take slow walks along its streets, when you live couple days the life of locals following the bites of the megapolis. 129 more words


Arabian horse top hd wallpaper

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Amazing dark horse hd photo
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Mullet Top

I call this the Mullet Top because it’s business at the front, party at the back. It’s a pattern I drafted myself. This fabric was made from blue icebreaker merino that my… 19 more words



One day in September me and Polinavdomike decided to go out to test her new camera. It is obvious, that if a person does not have a bit of talent even a camera of the latest model will not make beautiful pictures.   25 more words