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Top 10 Industries to tap into

There are a lot of people who are inspired by other entrepreneurs and want to start their own business. But what idea do they implement? What industry do they tap into? 1,146 more words


Top 10 Toronto Maple Leafs (That I have watched play)

I have been struggling very hard to come up with an idea for a blog post. Ideas come to me but nothing sticks long enough to become something I can actually explain in an article. 486 more words


Singapore top 10

Here is my Singapore top 10 of what I did during the week I spent there. I know that there is a lot more to do but it’s difficult to comment if I haven’t done it. 1,052 more words


9+1 λόγοι (ή tweets) για να αγαπήσετε το Twitter


Και αφού σε προηγούμενο άρθρο άνοιξα το θέμα Twitter, λέω να το κλείσω με μια λίστα των top 10 αγαπημένων μου tweets. 10 tweets που κάθε φορά που περνάνε στο timeline μου με κάνουν να ξεκαρδίζομαι κι ας τα έχω μάθει σχεδόν απ’ έξω. 81 more words

Ιστορίες για αγρίους

10 Good Workout Songs

I’ve finally started working out again! I’ve been sort of doing the 30 day shred. (i’ve done 3.5 times in about 30 days so there’s that. 88 more words


Cinema é realmente algo mágico, algumas horas dentro de uma sala escura ou na frente da TV fazem de você outra pessoa, na minha concepção, mente quem diz que não mudou sua maneira de agir ou pensar após ver algum filme, todos temos nossos filmes marcantes, comigo não é diferente. 941 more words


Top 10 tips for the Trans-Siberian journey

As the end of our journey is near, I though I would impart some wisdom for those doing the journey of the infamous train journey. … 1,060 more words