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Check out the music video "I am a Diva ft. Anthya"

Don’t miss the music video “I am a Diva feat. Violeta”. Go to http://www.axelwayn.com, subscribe the AxW TV and grab your mp3. It’s a gift for a limited time. 8 more words

Axel Wayn

Your Top 10 lists are here!

For months now Circlers have been asked for a way to determine their “top likes” among all the possible ones they could chose from in CircleMe (after all, we hold… 147 more words

CircleMe Features

My Top Ten Album List!

For whatever reason I have yet to do a top ten list of my favorite albums to date, so I figured why not!

In no particular order: 882 more words


TV Top-10

This is a slideshow of my top ten favorite TV shows. I find it interesting how my tastes have developed over the years and I imagine you will have at least one show in common with me. 55 more words


Top 10...Games to Rekindle Your Gaming Passion

Everything seems bland and lifeless. You don’t feel like playing a game you have already. You are tired of the same type of gameplay, Tired of Sim City and Call of Duty. 1,940 more words


Top 10 - Mexico

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, we know you’ve all been waiting for it, it’s our top 10 for Mexico. We’ve come to this list based on our experience, will it stick with us, was it enlightening, did it exceed expectations? 904 more words


Top10 Movies | Dt 19-10-14

Top10 Movies | Dt 19-10-14.
by The U.S. National Archives
Anime Movies
Anime is a Japanese production of animated visual movies these movies are just like normal movies but have animated characters. 15 more words