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Toph = Yoda

You know it’s true.

Anyone else who did little girly screams while watching the trailer for Book 4 of The Legend of Korra like me was probably very satisfied by the season’s third episode “The Coronation,” featuring a Korra-Toph training subplot that anyone else who is a old fogey like me would easily think… … 265 more words


86 years old Toph still funny

Even if she’s 86 years old she is still funny and fun to be around with :P
Gotta love toph <3

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Legend of Korra 4.2 Review - Inner Struggle


 Hey guys it’s Hauntinglime, here with a new Review of the Legend of Korra. Episode 2 really got me excited to write my take on the episode so sit back and enjoy the review. 767 more words


Legend Of Korra Season 4 Episode 3 The Initial Geek-Out/Reaction -KorraWorship

I was probably a little too excited about this episode guys… just saying.
xD #Korra #LOK #Reaction #book4balance #youfreakinnerd
Twitter! https://twitter.com/youfreakinnerd… 29 more words


On Badasses

Yesterday we talked about the insane sci-fi masterpiece, Snow Crash, which got me to thinkin’.


Pop quiz! Who is your favorite Snow Crash character? 485 more words

Korra Alone Review

A title can give away a lot of information; Korra Alone was everything I expected it to be. This episode focuses entirely around Korra and explains through flashbacks how she ended up fighting in some random underground arena. 1,928 more words


"Korra Alone" Picks Up Speed

The second of episode of The Legend of Korra – Book 4: Balance (did I type that right?  These Avatar shows have some of the most complicated titles) picks up… well, it’s tempting to say it picks up where episode one ended, but that’s not quite right.   1,526 more words