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Legend of Korra: Operation Beifong

My procrastination has gotten so bad that the next Legend of Korra episode has already come out before I posted this review. My writing process is me watching the episode and writing down my thoughts, then going back and editing it later. 1,876 more words


The Legend of Korra Episode Review: 4x09 "Beyond the Wilds" and 4x10 "Operation Beifong"

The Legend of Korra recovers from it’s clip show fiasco with two fantastic, plot-relevant episodes. As Kuvira’s weapon comes closer to completion, Korra is finally able to put her trauma behind her with help from an unlikely source. 1,306 more words


30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 18: Toph

Day 18: favorite supporting female character

It took a while deciding mostly because of the word supporting but Toph definitely fits the bill and she is so awesome. 15 more words


Legend of Korra Book 4 Chapter 4 The Calling

In this episode Ikki, Meelo and Jinora prepare to go and look for Korra. The Episode mostly centers on them looking for her and the three siblings working together without killing each other finding Korra. 1,065 more words

Nail Diaries: The Legend of Korra - Toph

(Because we love everything Avatar-related, and we miss the old Team Avatar)

*Spoiler alert* (And because I finally caught up on this season, and seriously, Toph’s the best.) 122 more words

Nail Diaries

Legend of Korra Book 4, Episode 4: The Calling

The hunt is on for Korra in the latest episode of The Legend of Korra, The Calling.

This week’s episode follows Tenzin’s children, Jinora, Ikki and Meelo as they travel across the world in search of the missing Avatar. 1,470 more words


KorraWorship- Season 4 Episode 4 The initial Geek-out/REVIEW!!!

Korra learns from toph! …but she doesn’t learn sensory perceptions…
Jinora tries to find Kora! But she can’t spirit gps… hmm… what to say…
Thanks for watching!! 72 more words