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Finding the Words: Interview with Joe Austin, director by Francesca Wickers

Origional Source: http://www.fringeopera.com/features/joeaustin/

Baroque opera La Calisto has spent the best part of its life neglected. It premiered in Venice in 1651 to a lukewarm response, perhaps because its themes of seduction, homosexuality and betrayal proved too risqué for 17th-century audiences. 978 more words


Topical Post 8 First Gig


Last night I played open mic night at Satori. I was nervous before I went on. The anticipation was getting the best of me. I have ADHD and do not take meds for it, so naturally I am fidgety. 164 more words



Now, I am writing this after the hype of the craze and that is because I wanted to observe social media before giving my honest opinion. 496 more words


Neknominations – Social Media Madness

First of all if you’re not sure what I’m talking about when I say ‘neknominations’ I simply ask, where have you been? But if you genuinely don’t know here is a quick definition; to neknominate someone is to record yourself downing a pint of alcoholic beverage and posting the video on Facebook and then to nominate friends to do the same and so on. 353 more words


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Two snippets from the news have caught my eye this week.

Firstly, I gather from this tweet from the Independent that I must have missed something about new government policies on euthanasia:I wonder how much warning they intend to give before carting us off to be processed into Soylent Green.

Writing And Writers

Topical Post 7 Open Mic


Tonight I am playing open mic night at Satori. I am quite nervous, I have never played in front of people. I am playing my keyboard and singing. 101 more words