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Gustamps themed stamp section expanded

Gustamps have introduced an extended range of Gustamps specialist thematic subjects. New subjects introduced by Gustamps include Gustamps Orchids on stamps, Gustamps fruit and vegetable stamps, Gustamps civilisation stamps, Gustamps nobel prize winners stamps, Gustamps crops stamps (including tea and coffee crops), Gustamps bees on stamps, Gustamps elephants on stamps, Gustamps King and Queen stamps, Gustamps hats stamps (extended from Gustamps costume stamps), Gustamps princes on stamps (including Prince William and Prince Charles), Gustamps ancient history stamps, Gustamps modern history stamps, Gustamps churches and Gustamps cathedral stamps, Gustamps Papal stamps. 37 more words

Specialist topical department opens at Gustamps

Gustamps are pleased to announce that a new specialist topical section now exists at Gustamps catering for unusual thematics and topical stamps for stamp collectors. New additions to the Gustamps range include; Gustamps trees on stamps, Gustamps windmills on stamps, Gustamps Medicinal plants on stamps, Gustamps farming stamps, Gustamps captain Cook stamps, Gustamps Christopher Columbus stamps, Gustamps roses on stamps, Gustamps Poppies on stamps, Gustamps Tulips on stamps, Gustamps Vikings on Stamps, Gustamps Sir Roland Hill stamps, Gustmps bridges on stamps, Gustamps castles on stamps, Gustamps lighthouses on stamps, Gustamps inventors on stamps Gustamps writers and Gustamps poets on stamps. 23 more words

Jill tops the 6,000 mark

Jill Casper told Gustamps that her specialised themed collection of overprints on stamps has reached over 6,000 different stamps. Jill started her specialist theme collection with the help of Gustamps just over a year ago. 60 more words

Mrs Peters USA connection

Mrs R Peters contacted Gustamps. Mrs Peters told Gustamps she had been collecting stamps from the USA. Gustamps heard from Mrs Peters that she wanted to branch out into USA connected themes, and she asked Gustamps if they could help. 107 more words

Geoff's swans won first prize

Geoff Brooks has been a regular Gustamps customer for years. Over many years Geoff has purchased bird stamps from Gustamps for his ornithology themed collection. The pride of Geoff’s collection are his swan stamps issued during the Victorian period in Western Australia. 85 more words

Improved Marine Theme from Gustamps

By August 2014 Gustamps hope to have a specialised selection of Marine stamps available in sub section. The new Gustamps Marine sections will include Gustamps Star fish, Gustamps Salmon, Gustamps Lascar, Gustamps Goldfish, Gustamps Tropical Fish, Gustamps Sharks, Gustamps Dolphins, Gustamps Seals, Gustamps Walrus, Gustamps Shells, Gustamps Dragonfish, Gustamps Crabs, Gustamps Angel fish, Gustamps Sea Urchins, Gustamps fish of the Pacific, Gustamps Turtles, Gustamps Shrips, Gustamps Prawns, Gustamps Mud fish, Gustamps Eels, Gustamps fishing stamps. 16 more words

Gustamps Olympic stamps expanded

From July 2014 Gustamps specialist Olympic stamps will be available in sub sections. Gustamps are pleased to offer the following new Gustamps Olympic and Gustamps Winter Olympic themed stamps. 28 more words