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Dirty art.

The point is; no one wants to buy the art of a pedophile. Said the burly Aussie sat opposite me in the steam room. It turns out that he and his wife collect art and had invested in some of Rolf Harris’ paintings. 904 more words


I do feel for Alex McKinnon, but...

I guess this is a strange topic for a first post, but its something topical and I’ve been having thoughts on it recently, so I’ll share them now as seems to be the popular thing to do these days. 422 more words

Maths Geek

Liberty Lotion is Here to Save the Day!

We are SOOOOOOOO excited to finally announce our addition of the HOTTEST pain relief product available on the market today!  Liberty Lotion is a topical pain-relieving lotion which provides instantaneous results for many different kinds of physical pain and/or skin conditions.   244 more words

1 Niacinamide Cream Vitamin B3 Serum Works Or Refund

A crease in the skin is commonly developed perpendicular to a contracting muscular tissue found directly beneath it. For instance, the muscle in the forehead is a vertical muscular tissue, and when it contracts (such as when you raise your eyebrows), … 251 more words

Here's something for you

Every week, I send an email out to a few hundred people. I call it, For Everyone’s Eyes Only or F.E.E.O. for short. It has some jokes, some interesting articles and some tweets by other funny people. 25 more words

Trenament Da Stad Simplamain In Pau Auter

Report in Rumantsch on the RTR news about our summertraing in Magglingen.

To the link: www.rtr.ch



Keeping Abreast of the Consternation

I’ve noticed recently that I suddenly seem to be friends with a lot of parents, or more specifically, mothers. I’ve reached that age when approximately 83% of my Facebook newsfeed is photos of babies, toddlers, pushchairs for sale and status updates about what foul smelling substance has just been explosively propelled out of one of the many places foul smelling substances can be propelled from a human infant. 1,035 more words