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You know what I feel?

Topical Entry #1 9/16/2014: You know what I feel?

About: This is something I wrote about 9 months ago when I reached the point where I just needed to vent the things I feel and think. 938 more words


What do bee's brush their hair with? ... A honeycomb!

Eating honey is a questionable debate between vegans, does honey count as an animal product or does it not as bee’s are not ‘animals’??

If going along with the vegan society then NO honey is NOT vegan, however why do the vegan population continue to debate this matter and why is it such a hot topic? 300 more words

Exercise and Breakouts

Exercise is not only good for your weight and your health – it is also good for your skin! The skin is your body’s largest organ, so an overall healthy lifestyle including exercise will actually benefit the skin in a number of ways: 238 more words


Has U2 Gone Absolutely Nuts?!

Have U2 and Apple gone absolutely nuts? If you’re an iTunes user you would have already noticed the newly downloaded album in your inbox and probably have your own thoughts on the whole ordeal. 956 more words

$100 Million

Death, Social Pressure and Corporate Greed - The Ice Bucket Story Continues

Is the Ice Bucket Challenge responsible for the deaths of neglected sufferers from other causes? Is the money donated to the ALS foundation being profligately and greedily wasted? 2,366 more words

Opinion Pieces

Tomoe River Paper Master Post

Tomoe River paper is my favorite fountain pen paper — at 52gsm it is feather-light, thin as onion skin, yet still impervious to feathering and bleeding, and it performs beautifully with many different kinds of ink. 1,062 more words


Patong Beach and Area Phuket Thailand Fun and lot of photo chances

Patong  has a beautiful beach and lot of shopping, eating but I think the main attraction is the nightlife that is wild and open.  It has the most tourist and is a great place to go. 136 more words