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PDA: love it or hate it?

Ohhhh Public Displays of Affection….

They can be cute, but they can also be over the top

I think it is adorable when you see a couple laugh at an inside joke and then kiss, or while they’re talking to different people they subconsciously reach for each other’s hand.   422 more words


Watch Master Breakthrough!!!!!

Hold on and don’t give up because
The Lord is giving you a Master Breakthrough!!!!!
Watch and Be Blessed!!!


What would you enjoy reading on my blog?

So, i was just sat here, thinking, and i didn’t have the slightest idea on what to write about, so i thought i’d ask you what you want to see on my blog, that way it gives me something to write about and it keeps you interested, if you have any idea’s that you think i’d be interested in writing about leave a comment and i’ll think about it and it might be my next post! Any answers are appreciated!

My Flourishing Definition

After reading through several definitions for ‘Flourishing’ words that come to my mind personally are striving, growing, happy, inspired, positive and a bit looking forward for what could happen and ready to embrace change, challenge and opportunity. 80 more words

Flourishing Definition

When you don't like your friends boyfriend(or girlfriend)

So your friend has a new boyfriend and you don’t like him:

Maybe you don’t like the way he talks to her, or you.  You may know something about him that she doesn’t.   201 more words



Memes are a very funny way of making a picture come to life and sometimes,when I search up memes I realise it has been a very long time, I’m talking hours. 84 more words


Drinks with Women of Worth: Mary Shelley

Who Was She?

Mary Shelley was born on August 30, 1797 to parents William Godwin and 18th-century women’s activist, Mary Wollstonecraft. At 19 years old, she married Percy Shelley, a Romantic poet with strong political themes in his work. 301 more words