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Welcome to NewsBloc

This “bloc” or blog  is so far about news around the world, whatever big or small we can find. Our readers will come from all over the world and we plan to cover all ages on different topics. 24 more words


Pictures In Posts

I’m thinking of making some pictures that I can put in front of each post that go along with whatever category I put the post it so that you will be able to recognize it at a glance and decide if you want to read it. 131 more words


I need topics again for the 365 daily challenge

I am always in need of topics for the challenge as that is the whole premise for the challenge. You give me the topics to write to. 18 more words


Welcome to a Watered-down Wonderland

How deep do I go?

That’s the question that every author faces. Do I lazer-focus my story and spend the entirety of my time on a few characters, plot lines, and topics? 339 more words

Words, Words, Words

Class Notes 4-14-14


  • needs to speak towards writing
    • connect writing to specific concepts
    • talk about yourself as a writer
    • doesn’t need to be redundant
    • past experiences
    • writing process…
  • 40 more words
Class Notes

Wind styled hair

My natural hair is short length and it’s the type of hair to stay up if the wind blows. This isn’t exactly a weakness as it has come in handy many times, for instance, my school play -my role was the mad scientist, Willow smith- I whip my hair, I was seriously rocking that song, but it can also be a bit irritating when you try to pat it down and it sticks up like someone glued the strands together, but to be honest with you that’s what I love, because when I’m washing my hair, the soap can make it into a really high Mohawk. 51 more words


Burnt food, YUM!

Have you ever tried to cook a meal that didn’t taste right? It’s happened to me and I always act like it’s best meal ever. I’ve cooked sweet chilli chicken a thousand times but I remember for a short period of time, the chicken would always burn, not a little bit a lot, even the seasoning would turn into flakes of burnt bits. 72 more words