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Harmonized infrastructure

In a holistic design, our infrastructure must be informed by the land features. The landscape after all determines water movement—and therefore nutrient movement—and it provides varying angles at which the sun hits the earth’s surface. 532 more words


Manhattan's Geography

Although the geographic specifics of New York vary throughout its state, the majority of its land mass is located on a portion of the Appalachian Mountains. 87 more words

Island Of Manhattan



“NEWFOTOSCAPES seeks to navigate the evolving topography surrounding the image in the twenty-first century; offering a focused eye on the contemporary creative author-curator and image-maker and on the possibilities afforded by an increasingly complex professional landscape. 52 more words


Suburban aquaculture: Explore your residential watershed

The primary requirement for life on Earth is water, and managing it well from the home scale and up is an essential aspect of resiliency and independence. 584 more words


Two Months On: Impressions of Ghent

There is something very un-modish about travel writing. On the one hand we are told that travelling and life on the road is the quintessence of what human life is about: discovering yourself and discovering the world . 2,507 more words


Site assessment and design video series: Table of contents

I am considering producing a video series on how to create a permaculture-styled, digital graphic property design. The process uses free programs and other resources online, such as InkScape, tax maps, and Google satelite images. 220 more words