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Doug Ford Can Go Fuck Himself

I have come from the Southlands to warn y’all.

All of this has happened before, and it will happen again. I saw Bush Jr. get elected, twice. 1,249 more words

What?! Wednesday

Toronto's EDM Ban. My Take On It.

The 2014 Toronto “EDM Ban” was unexpected.


Electronic Dance Music events were banned on City of Toronto property at Exhibition Grounds. This was effective immediately. 963 more words


I haven’t written anything for months. In all honesty I have just got totally fed up with Toronto Politics. You’d think I’d have all sorts to say about the whole Fordian drama thing but it simply does not interest me. 1,190 more words

Political Aggravation

Auditing reactions to Ford's Return. (Trigger Warning: Sitting Toronto Mayor-based content)

I noted today that the Globe and Mail ran a video pondering “who benefits” from the return of the titular mayor of Canada’s largest city. (Please note, I provide the link for reference. 263 more words

Canadian Politics

Rob Ford is Back. Toronto's Complacency with Homophobia and Sexism Better Not Be.

It’s been over a year since Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford was accused by Gawker and the Toronto Star of smoking crack cocaine, and appearing in a video doing so. 1,205 more words

Social Issues

Toronto Is More Than The Core

Marcus Gee makes a nice attempt at an ode to Toronto as opposed to the idea of Ford Nation: “Toronto isn’t Rob Ford. Toronto is more than that” 762 more words


When You Think About Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, Bench Pressing Comes To Mind, Right?

The Toronto Sun reports that a report about a security camera video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford suggests that the Mayor was intoxicated in a parking garage on Easter Monday. 195 more words