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Talkin' at Tor.com

T’other fine day that dandy gent Mr Shurin (yes, him from Pornokitsch) came to talk to me over a quart of liquor about all things… 26 more words


Jonathan Strange continued

I thought today I would do a quick reaction to Kate Nepveu’s post on Chapters 5-10 over on Tor.com.

Chapter 5:
I agree with her that Mr Drawlight is fairly amusing. 508 more words

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman movie is finally really actually happening. This article at Tor.com lays out what we know (not much) and how this movie fits with the WB film slate. 39 more words


Ooh, more short stories!

Hey, Tor.com, why is it that I’m thinking I’ll be nominating a bunch of your stories for the Hugo next year? Oh, right, because you’re awesome.

Great Hugo Readthrough