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New VM's

I’m having a fun day.  Making several VM’s to run several OS’s to explore several things.  Tails OS and a Windows 7 minimalist machine.  Time to explore what I wanted to.

Stop Calling Tor 'The Web Browser For Criminals'

Yesterday, a rumor surfaced on deep web blog DeepDotWeb that Comcast was going to start blocking users of Tor, an anonymous web browser. Comcast Vice President Jason Livingood  653 more words

Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon

Gideon Smith
and the Brass Dragon

Author: David Barnett
Release Date: September 8, 2014
 Tor Books
Source: NetGalley DRC, Tor/Forge
Genre(s): Steampunk, Fantasy, Mythology, Alternate History… 667 more words


RetroShare + Tor: классический darknet и анонимность в доверенном окружении

Отличительной чертой тёмных сетей до момента выхода RetroShare версии 0.6 была принципиальная затруднительность сокрытия IP-адреса участника от доверенного окружения. Иначе говоря, в тёмных сетях вообще и в криптоплатформе RetroShare в частности участник неанонимен для собственного доверенного окружения, что зачастую несколько охлаждало интерес к сети у потенциальных пользователей. 245 more words


[Update] Comcast Denies Threatening To Disconnect Users Of Ultra-Private Browser

Tor is a specialized web browser: its target audience is the very security-minded user, someone who wants to stay private and anonymous. That includes all kinds of folks, from tech writers to, well, some people who have a strong and vested interest in law enforcement… 348 more words


Just exactly what the hell is wrong with wanting to browse the web in private?

Nothing, if you ask me. However, apparently Comcast, which is also my cable and internet provider, has started threatening to suspend the internet service of “Tor” users. 195 more words