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Fiestas y vacaciones, ponen a la seguridad en crisis

Muchas empresas han desarrollado programas de capacitación en seguridad, implementados para enseñar a sus empleados para evitar mayores riesgos en seguridad; fundamentalmente para prevenir los ataques de phishing lanzados desde correos electrónicos engañosos. 453 more words


Diving Into The Deep Web



Surface Web refers to content that is available through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.. This is information that is “linked” throughout the internet. 1,063 more words

Spencer Coursen

Safe Net, Alternative Net, Dark Net. You choose!

Everything you do on the ‘net is monitored and moneyed, generally without you knowing it! A sobering thought isn’t it, and as the tendency today is to use internet for virtually everything, from filling out tax forms, banking, shopping, cooking recipes, to video calls with the family, etc, you’d be right to feel concerned about the secureness of internet as well as its neutrality. 1,057 more words

Everyday Life

Enraged Nerds Defend the Honor of Math

I know, I just said I hoped I wouldn’t have to talk about this again. But in the hours after I hit “Publish,” so much crap has followed. 1,439 more words

Blockchain.info на защите пользователей Tor

Последние месяцы оказались не лучшим временем для проекта Tor: в конце лета выяснилось, что при достаточных ресурсах теоретически можно деанонимизировать пользователей, а около месяца назад появились сообщения, что кто-то действительно это проделал и, судя по всему, этот “кто-то” связан с правительством. 64 more words


Doing it Right: Games and Conflict, Part I

In this series of posts, I will be examining several games I feel are doing well in terms of portraying conflict. This is not a celebration of the so-called gritty realism of modern first-person shooters, though certain games in that genre are seriously meditating on what it means to be a combatant. 1,638 more words