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Save yourself from " yourself". Believe in your own might and mane.

Að trúa á mátt sínn og megin“ roughly translating to “Believe in your own might and main”.

This is a depiction of the old one (Tór). 141 more words

Was 'Charmine Chou' a social experiment for case study?

Sexy FB posts get OFW in trouble with Saudi authorities
‘In the spirit of balance reporting, we are posting screenshots of the public posts cum explanation made by a certain Suzy Bautista, said to be a Master of Arts student here in… 479 more words


Kickstarter pulls Anonabox, a Tor-enabled router that raised over $585,000

Kickstarter removed a fundraiser for a popular Tor-based router project on Friday afternoon. The Anonabox, which was created by August Germar, of Chico, California, aimed to be an “open source embedded networking device designed specifically to run… 98 more words

Streaming Policy & Ethics

Anonabox: How To Fail Horribly at Kickstarter

Late last week, Anonabox hit Kickstarter, glomming on to concerns over security, privacy, and censorship. The project was picked up on the usual tech blogs, lauding this project as the pinnacle of the Open Source, Open Hardware movement and a great investment for the privacy-minded technocrat in a post-Snowden world. 339 more words

Crowd Funding

Unfortunately, no clever gadget can keep you entirely safe online

Since the revelations last year of widespread snooping into personal communications by US spying authorities, Silicon Valley has seen a wave of privacy-focused startups. Many of these companies have used Tor, the open-source network that allows users to browse the web anonymously by encrypting the data and then routing it scattershot through computers around the world. 905 more words

New TOR Article Up

The fifth in Jack’s series of articles for TOR is up.  This one is entitled: “Are All Princesses Really Waiting For Their Princes To Come? 22 more words