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BBC News: Tor attack may have unmasked users

I saw this story on the BBC News and thought you should see it:

Tor attack may have unmasked users

Users of the “dark net” service Tor who visited hidden websites may have had their identities revealed by a five-month long cyber-attack. 9 more words


Attackers have breached Tor's system to reveal the identities of its users

Tor, a network used by people to cloak their identities and Internet activities, published a blog post today stating that attackers had breached its system in an apparent attempt to de-anonymize users. 442 more words


Tor attackers tried to peek into the Deep Web, anonymity network reveals

A group of around 115 relays that operated for the first half of this year on the Tor anonymizing network, was probably trying to de-anonymize Tor users who visit and run so-called hidden services, the project warned on Wednesday. 689 more words


Decentralized Liberty - Futurist musings

DISCLAIMER: I don’t actually express a view as to whether anything I predict in the below essay is good or bad. I do not express opinions herein on vice laws, or drug laws, or tax evasion. 2,768 more words

Books, wonderful books

I know a lot of you are book lovers, and most of you who are book lovers enjoy fantasy and sci-fi.

If you’re one of those nerds among us, take a look at… 143 more words

Which Cloud Is Secured?

The Cloud. A new piece of technology allowing information to be sent and received through streaming large data off a network or the internet. Developing countries are slowly having new technology implemented into their economies such as the Cloud; allowing large businesses to thrive and economies to expand. 124 more words


Hiding your activity won't work much longer

Computers have always been manipulated in various ways. Technology always plays two roles when given to society. First it has the intended use. Secondly it has the unintended use, which is of course manipulated to fit personal needs. 206 more words

Security Programs